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Reinventing Trading Venues: How AI Can Help Create a More Efficient Market

In this whitepaper shared with Traders Magazine, the Hegarty Group examines how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help traders execute more efficiently.

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If Members Exchange (MEMX) gets SEC approval and launches, do you think it will force downward pressure on market data fees?

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Rules and Regs

Better Data Emerges After Rules Battle

Once the fight for new regulations settled down, an unintended victor has emerged: the data and data systems used by today's traders.

SEC Approves BATS Merger

It's all but official now - BATS Global Markets and Direct Edge Holdings will become a unified company.

Structural Changes in Canada

More change is coming to the equity trading markets of the Great White North.

Beware of New Rules

Understanding the likely form of new rules-like Regulation SCI - is essential for traders and investment firms so they can prepare for their inevitable implementation.

Analyzing Trader IMs, Emails & Texts

Citicom Solutions, a U.K. financial IT solution provider, has released Citicom Assure, a solution that aims to provide real-time analysis of data, including instant messages (IMs), emails, text messages and mobile- and fixed-voice recordings that originate from the trading floor.

Canada Focuses on HFT

The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada is gathering and analyzing data to determine the impact of high-frequency trading on the Canadian stock market. The goal is to compile a body of data solely attributable to HFT and then release it to academics for further study, accpording to Deanna Dobrowsky, a vice president in IIROC's market regulation policy department.

Execs OK with New Dark Pool Rules

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority officially announced new disclosure rules for dark pools and industry executives are OK with them so far.

Citigroup Pushes Pilot for Bigger Ticks

Following recent comments by Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White about a pilot program allowing larger trading increments for smaller stocks, one of the industry's largest market-making firms is promoting a tick-size plan of its own.

Coming Out of the Dark

New FINRA regulation would mandate dark traders report trading volumes and bring more transparency to the marketplace

Transaction Taxes Don't Help

Transaction taxes result in more volatile markets, wider bid-ask spreads, greater market impact and a decrease in volume. Those are key findings of a recent study conducted jointly by the Bank of Canada and Rutgers University into the impact of a transaction tax administered by the State of New York until 1981.

SEC Pushes Anti-Glitch Regulation

The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed new rules designed to protect against the kinds of technical disruptions that plagued stock exchanges last year.

SEC Eyes Order Type Development

The Securities and Exchange Commission has begun inspecting how the nation's stock exchanges develop, refine and approve new types of buy and sell orders, in the face of a great proliferation in order types.

SEC Division Turns to Data Geeks

After a rocky few years of flash crashes, trading glitches and botched IPOs, the Securities and Exchange Commission may finally be making headway in its battle with the streaming reams of disparate and diffused electronic data that define the modern U.S. securities trading markets.

FINRA Probing ATS Practices

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is about to pay visits to a wide range of alternative trading systems, in an attempt to make sure they are properly handling customers' orders.

Switching Chairs Delays Changes

President Obama's nomination of Mary Jo White to be the next chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission brings delay and uncertainty about how equities markets will operate over the long haul, according to participants in industry discussions.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Unraveling the Ramifications of the ETF Bubble

In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY, Traders Magazine looks back to 2015 when one commentator argued the ETF market was near a bubble and how the market has fared since.

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