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February 1, 2013

Trading Moves to Maine

By John D'Antona Jr.

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Sitting in the catbird seat, finally.

That's how Rob Felvinci, director of portfolio management and trading at Spinnaker Trust, sees things.

After spending his entire trading career and life paying his dues in the concrete jungle that is New York City, the veteran trader and family man now can write his own ticket. And he has-trading Gotham for Portland, Maine. 

Rob Felvinci

After almost three decades riding packed subways between his Upper West Side home and his AllianceBernstein office in midtown Manhattan, Felvinci now enjoys a peaceful drive between Kennebunkport and Portland, by car.

He's come a long way, literally. After all, Felvinci was born and raised on the Upper West Side.

Felvinci's sojourn out of Manhattan to the tranquility of Maine started in February 2012, when he left AllianceBernstein for a better quality of life. He had spent his entire Wall Street career until that point at the investment management firm, which he joined after graduating from Northeastern University in 1990.

A business major at the Boston institution, he joined AllianceBernstein on its over-the-counter equities desk and then moved to its listed desk in 1997. He then rose to become head of program trading in 1996, and then co-head of trading for the Americas in 2003 and most recently head of equity derivatives trading in 2008.

After a lifetime of living and success in the Big Apple, Felvinci was ready for a change. Not to mention the fact he was the father of two and wanted to raise his children outside the confines of steel, glass and concrete.

"All along, my goal was to get to Maine," Felvinci said. And for him, that goal was cemented by two things: First, he already had a summer home in Maine; second, by becoming a father he wanted to raise children outside of the metropolitan area.

"We enjoyed the lifestyle and quality of life in Maine. It was a better place to bring up children," he recalled.

Once he left Alliance's trading desk in early 2012, he opted to go all in and resume his trading career where he wanted to-even if it meant waiting for the right opportunity. With his mind set on leaving New York, Felvinci was convinced he was going to work in the Boston-area-home to many buyside money management firms, such as Fidelity Investments and State Street Corporation. He spent a fair amount of time meeting and greeting different firms before eventually being introduced to Richard Curran Jr., president of Spinnaker, in August 2012 by a mutual acquaintance while in Maine.

"After three months of conversations with them, they offered me a position," Felvinci said. Now the Kennebunkport resident has trimmed his commute from about a jam-packed hour to a leisurely 30-minute drive along the water. No subways. No taxis. Just the occasional moose sighting on I-95 highlighting his morning trips to the office.