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Fidessa's Steve Grob has written a response to Marcus Ferber writing to ESMA condemning periodic auctions. The blog strongly criticizes Ferber's approach, and looks at the problems behind the "lit is good and dark is bad" attitude.

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June 1, 2012

LimeTrader Gets Direct Data Feed

By John D'Antona Jr.

Data-feed provider Selerity and Wedbush's Lime Brokerage have teamed up to provide integrated event-driven data to the multi-asset-class trading engine LimeTrader.

LimeTrader is designed for the testing and implementation of algorithmic trading strategies. Through the direct data feed, users will now have access to low-latency event data, including company earnings, macroeconomic numbers and energy data.

The partnership allows trading firms to incorporate market-moving event data into high-frequency trading strategies. Clients will have the ability to integrate Selerity's data into their algos on the LimeTrader complex event processing engine, and then to execute their strategies, via Lime Brokerage or another broker.

"We realized that with our clients focused on low-latency reactions to events in the market, we could really reduce their time to market developing new trading strategies if we wrote a feed-handler into our product," said David Don, managing director of strategy development for Lime Brokerage.

"Many firms are very interested in leveraging event data," said Jeff Otten, Selerity's vice-president of sales and business development. "Having that data in a trading platform can allow them to really focus development resources on their trading strategies.

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