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What the !@#$ is a Security Token?

In this first part of a series, Mr. Schloss will begin to explain what a security token is by explaining how the building blocks of securities law are fundamental to understanding the tremendous value security tokens will one day unlock.

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February 2012 Edition

Featured Articles

Cover Story: Full Disclosure

By James Armstrong and John D'Antona Jr.

Letter from the Editor

The Fiduciary Question

Control and knowing where orders have been routed are the gist of this month's cover story. As someone notes in this issue, however, despite all the tools today available to buyside traders, there is an "illusion of control." Read more about order routing, Barclays reengineering its algos and how the SEC nixed Nasdaq's proposal that would permit issuers to pay market makers for quoting.

Inside Trading

Rules and Regs

Top Predictions for 2012

By James Armstrong

SEC Quashes Nasdaq Proposal

By Peter Chapman


CBOE Thrives on Volatility

By Editorial Staff

BuyWrite Bounceback

By Peter Chapman

Tech Notes

Nasdaq Gets Into Machine-Readable News

By James Armstrong

Instinet Adds Broker Vote

By John D'Antona Jr.

Citi Rolls Out New Pairs Algo

By James Armstrong

Buyside Snapshot

Big Effort in Small Caps

By James Armstrong

On the Move

On The Move

By Editorial Staff


Get Your Trade On

By Gregory Bresiger

Up in the Air

By Dan Mathisson

Word for Word

Word for Word

By Editorial Staff