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What the !@#$ is a Security Token?

In this first part of a series, Mr. Schloss will begin to explain what a security token is by explaining how the building blocks of securities law are fundamental to understanding the tremendous value security tokens will one day unlock.

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November 2011 Edition

Featured Articles

Celebrating Excellence

By John D'Antona Jr. and Gregory Bresiger

Letter from the Editor

We Got the Beat

Congratulations are in order for a group of women who have not only succeeded but thrived in the male-dominated industry of trading. Not all of the 15 award-winning women being feted in "Wall Street Women: A Celebration of Excellence" work on trading desks. But at some point, they all have to deal with traders. You can read their stories in this month's coverage. There is also an event Nov. 10 that will honor these high achievers, too.

Inside Trading

Rules and Regs

Volcker Rule a 'Challenge': FINRA

By Peter Chapman

Market Makers Under Fire From SEC

By Peter Chapman

Circuit Breakers Get Refreshed

By Peter Chapman

New Front-Running Rule Change

By Peter Chapman

Real-Time Reporting Ignites Debate

By James Armstrong and Peter Chapman


Buyside Prefers Indexes

By Peter Chapman

Into the Fray

By Peter Chapman

Tech Notes

Nasdaq Goes Nano

By John D'Antona Jr.

Price Matters

By James Armstrong

Goldman Goes Redline

By John D'Antona Jr.

Buyside Snapshot

Act II

By Gregory Bresiger

On the Move

On The Move

By Editorial Staff


Visual Mindbombs

By Dan Mathisson

Word for Word

Word for Word

By Peter Chapman