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January 18, 2011

Activ Offers Own Consolidated Feed

By John D'Antona Jr.

Activ Financial Systems, a market data feed provider, is now offering the buyside and sellside a consolidated data feed via the Options IT PIPE data delivery system.

The PIPE system is an infrastructure composed of high-speed networks, server hardware, data storage, external connectivity and software that links the buyside to global trading centers. It will serve as the conduit for the consolidated data feed.

The consolidated data feed, dubbed ActivFeed, is a compressed data stream delivering global tick-for-tick information for equities, options, foreign exchange and futures to clients' trading systems using minimal bandwidth. This provides traders an alternative way to get their consolidated market data, currently sourced from vendors like Bloomberg or Reuters.

"Clients who access ActivFeed through Options IT can now enjoy fast access to high volumes of top-quality, comprehensive global market data delivered over a flexible and dynamic platform," said Frank Piasecki, president and co-founder of Activ Financial.

The system can also be tailored to allow firms to take data from specific geographic regions as well, rather than globally, said Paul Johansen, global marketing and alliances manager at Activ. Further, clients that require ultra-low latency can purchase direct feeds from any exchange they want, or through their preferred vendor, feed handler or ticker plant. This gives traders increased flexibility and speed in getting data and executing trading strategies based on it.

Activ is currently providing data feed services to 350 firms globally, split evenly between the buyside and sellside. Data is managed via 120 feed handlers and nearly 20 data centers across five continents.


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