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November 10, 2009

StreamBase CEP System Adds Algos

By James Ramage

Complex event processing system builder StreamBase added a suite of algorithms to its core system. The advantage the algos bring, the vendor said, is that users can customize and employ them rapidly.

Hedge funds and independent broker-dealers have shown interest in having VWAP, TWAP, Arrival Price, Percentage of Volume and other algos already loaded onto their StreamBase CEP framework systems. The framework functions as an order and execution management system, according to Jeffrey Fredricks, solutions architect for StreamBase Systems.

Using the templates, the user can modify the algos and use them faster on the StreamBase CEP server, which is the same one that rapidly processes the market data streams. Tailoring the algos should be easier for clients who start with StreamBase's CEP system and templates, Fredricks said.

"It's much faster than if you had to start developing this in any native [programming] language, if you had to start from scratch," he said. "If you wanted to put a limit price checker, it's as simple as adding another operator, which is two minutes. Doing this on any other platform, it's going to take a lot longer."

For small, technology-adept brokers looking to offer a suite of algorithms to their own customers, Fredricks added, StreamBase's algos can be modified and shared quickly.


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