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April 15, 2009

Publisher Heath Gets Promotion

By Editorial Staff

SourceMedia, Inc. made Traders Magazine's Kenneth Heath its group publisher when it added another securities publication to his stable.

Heath now oversees Securities Industry News, in addition to Traders Magazine and Clearing Quarterly & Directory. With Traders Magazine and Securities Industry News, he now will lead publications that cover the entire trading cycle-from front to back office-for the institutional trading community.

"The institutional trading community relies on Traders Magazine and Securities Industry News to deliver business information critical to their specific needs," Heath said. "The current economic climate has exacerbated the informational needs of our readers. By expanding our reach and offerings, Traders Magazine and Securities Industry News continue to be the community center where these professionals gather to discuss solutions, strategies and plans of action to prosper and move forward."

Heath has initiated several changes, which include increasing the circulation of Traders Magazine to 15,000. He also oversaw the redesign of Securities Industry News and increased its circulation to 10,000-with technology as the lynchpin of the editorial platform.

"With other industry publications closing their doors or reducing the number of issues published each year, Traders Magazine and Securities Industry News both had qualified subscribers on a waiting list, and we decided to open the circulation to these industry pros," Heath said. "Because our industry is going through some difficult times, we did not raise our advertising rates, to deliver more value to our advertising base." 

Heath is an advertising sales veteran. Before joining Traders Magazine, Heath spent nine years as a sales executive at "Car and Driver Magazine."

Upon joining Traders Magazine in 1994, he took a sleepy trade publication and piloted it as publisher into an industry standard. Today Traders Magazine enjoys a 62 percent advertising market share in its segment, which is rare for any publication.

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