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What the !@#$ is a Security Token?

In this first part of a series, Mr. Schloss will begin to explain what a security token is by explaining how the building blocks of securities law are fundamental to understanding the tremendous value security tokens will one day unlock.

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September 2008 Edition

Letter from the Editor

Get Your Programs

There's information about two distinct programs in this issue. In one feature story, we report how U.S. firms are expanding their program trading overseas in a big way. The other program is a different kind: our third annual conference on institutional trading-"Traders Magazine Live: Block Trading Drill Down," on Sept. 24 in New York City. First, the stories: Program trading, according to a Greenwich Associates report, is growing with the expansion of overseas assets. However, the increase in program trading for non-U.S. stocks is growing at a much faster rate than international assets. You'll find some interesting details plucked by senior writer James Ramage, who drilled down into the information in much greater detail than Greenwich provided. You can read more about the state of international program trading on page 46.

Inside Trading

Rules and Regs

SEC May Bring Back Price Tests

By Peter Chapman

New Guidelines Under Microscope

By Peter Chapman

Pasternak Looks Ahead

By Editorial Staff

Buyside Snapshot

Sitting in the Sweet Spot

By James Ramage


Exchanges and ECNs

On the Move

People On The Move

By Editorial Staff

Over the Counter

Not Guilty

By Peter Chapman


The Senator Taps Twice

By Dan Mathisson