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Are There Still Opportunities in Structured Credit Hedge Fund Strategies?

In this guest article, the author examines how the next credit cycle might again offer great distressed long-only beta trades at some point, but recommends investing in hedge funds that carry low market exposure right now.

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March 2008 Edition

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Handing Over the Keys

By Nina Mehta

Letter from the Editor

Height of High Touch

Institutional interest in options continues to grow. The same goes for the amount of news coverage Traders Magazine gives options each month. You'll notice this month's cover story addresses the growing efforts of brokers to provide electronic direct-market-access tools to big shops, now that more options are quoted in pennies. Word is that these DMA products still have a long way to go, but brokers are feverishly looking to improve their electronic trading capabilities for institutional clients. Although high-touch trading still rules the roost in options for institutional clients in a big way, many in the story predict that options will go the way of equities in due time and trade more electronically. We shall see. The story does a nice job of explaining the dynamics of where options trading-high touch vs. low touch-is at this point in time. Besides increased options coverage, our readers can also get original news sent via two separate e-newsletters-breaking news stories come under the heading TMXtra and our weekly newsletter is called TM Weekly.

Inside Trading


Knowing Me, Knowing You

By James Ramage

Buyside Snapshot

Opportunities through TCA

By Michael Scotti

On the Move

On The Move

By Editorial Staff


More Can Be Less in Trading

By Bernard McSherry