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Does the Tick Size Affect Stock Prices?

The Securities and Exchange Commission has recently released a whitepaper examining the change in tick sizes on trading based on data it collected during the Tick Size Pilot.

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Would the creation of a single central regulator in Canada affect your inter-listed trading strategies?

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March 2007 Edition

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Another Bullseye?

By Peter Chapman

Letter from the Editor

Deja vu Once More

You could almost see it coming. During a heated discussion on market structure at a meeting at the New York Stock Exchange, one committee member reportedly uttered this one-liner: "What we need is a central place for liquidity...a place where we can all meet and trade." The comment-tongue in cheek-came during a discussion on dark pools, or undisplayed liquidity in networks. As true as that statement is, there's no turning back the clock to the halcyon days of 6-cents-a-share trades and thick steaks at Delmonico's. And that's not a bad thing. But it would be nice if traders knew where to go to access liquidity.


Some are Wary of Leverage

By Gregory Bresiger

Buyside Snapshot

The Responsible Trader

By Michael Scotti


On the Move

On the Move

By Editorial Staff

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