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We're All HFTs Now

In this guest commentary, author Tim Quast looks back at the history of HFT and how the market has evolved to where many firms now fit the definition of high-frequency trader.

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October 2002 Edition


Working It Out In Boca

By John A. Byrne

At Deadline

By Editorial Staff

Snub: STA Shut Out of Hearings: A Shocked Trade Group Does Not Make the VIP List

By Gregory Bresiger

Phantom Sales

By Editorial Staff

Section 31(a) Rate Cut Put on Ice

By Gregory Bresiger

Island and Instinet Skip the Launch

By Gregory Bresiger

ECN Fights SuperMontage in Court


SIA: Activity Fee Needs Comment Period

By Gregory Bresiger

Fast Track

By Editorial Staff

A Decimal Solution For the Big Board

By Peter Chapman

The Windy City Dilemma

By Staff Reports

ArcaEx Becomes EFT Electronic Strongman

By Peter Chapman

More Problems for Soft Dollars

By John A. Byrne

One Giant Ready for The Next Bull Market

By Staff Reports

Small Firms Uprising Averted at NASD

By Staff Reports

Small Firms Groan Under Burden of Regs: Is 1984 Finally Coming to the Street?

By William Hoffman

The Wide World Of Trading: Next Step Is Global Execution System

By Desmond MacRae

SuperMontage Is Not Enough

By Michael McCauley

Arthur Levitt's Revenge: Take on the Street

By Gregory Bresiger

Levitt on the Nasdaq Bid-Rigging Scandal:

By Gregory Bresiger

The Young Masters of Risk: In Bala Cynwyd, a youthful band of traders unwraps a package of market i

By Nina Mehta

Were Tech IPOs Rigged?

By Britt Tunick

More Pain, How Much?

By Kathryn M. Welling

Socially Responsible Traders: A Northwest firm is trading for more than profits.

By Gregory Bresiger

Spring Break for Nasdaq on Amex

By Peter Chapman

National Market Under Fire

By Peter Chapman

Connectivity Cost Control

By Nick Davidge

Terror in the Trenches

By Tom Taulli