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Does the Tick Size Affect Stock Prices?

The Securities and Exchange Commission has recently released a whitepaper examining the change in tick sizes on trading based on data it collected during the Tick Size Pilot.

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Would the creation of a single central regulator in Canada affect your inter-listed trading strategies?

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February 2002 Edition


One Moment in Time

By John A. Byrne Editor

At Deadline

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SuperMontage Alternative Coming

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The Other Tax Cut

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Fast Track

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NYSE Policy Defended Despite Enron Collapse

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BNY ESI's Chief Prepares Assault

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Will New Nasdaq ProductEat Data Vendor's Lunch?

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Survival Plan for Pan-European Market

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Infant Options Market Historic Public Move?

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Merging and Surviving in Dixie

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Market Structure Massacre?

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Sniper Trading: Essential Short-Term Money-Making Secrets for Trading Stocks, Options and Futures

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Nasdaq Under ECN Attack: SuperMontage becomes the battleground. Will ECNs become critics or casualt

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Enron Spin-off Clouds

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Buying Amidst The Ruin

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A Night On Two Big Wheels

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Primex Presents NYSE Challenge The Kinks Aside, Nasdaq Has New Weapon

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Stock Systems Link Foreign Marts: Direct Access From Singapore to Switzerland

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Where Is Indata?

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A Model of Perfection

By Randy Abernethy

The Bear Market Blues in Clearing Worst of Times Could Become Best of Times

By Patricia A . Murphy special correspondent

Value Makes Comeback

By Tom Taulli