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Are There Still Opportunities in Structured Credit Hedge Fund Strategies?

In this guest article, the author examines how the next credit cycle might again offer great distressed long-only beta trades at some point, but recommends investing in hedge funds that carry low market exposure right now.

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November 2001 Edition


Commerce and Culture

By John A. Byrne

At Deadline

By Editorial Staff

No Ending for NYSE Floor Scandals

By Gregory Bresiger

Forget Subpenny Trading, NYSE Says

By Gregory Bresiger

Two-Dollar Brokers Get a Break

By Gregory Bresiger

Stimulus Package, No Section 31 Reform

By Gregory Bresiger

Limit Order Rule Modified

By Gregory Bresiger

Industry Victory on Books and Records

By Gregory Bresiger

Stock Futures Deadline Extended

By Gregory Bresiger

Fast Track

By Editorial Staff

Listed Traders Fall Into Penny Abyss'

By Peter Chapman

MGM Trio Plan Agency Trading

By Peter Chapman

Are ECNs Eating Nasdaq's Lunch?

By Staff Reports

Options Operations Squeezes Some More

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Tech Spending Slows On Wall Street

By Greg Bresiger

Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Sellsiders Plead for Understanding

By Sanford Wexler

The Power of Gold The History of an Obsession

By Editorial Staff

Renewal and Reform at the STA: The new STA president tries to chart a course through troubled seas.

By Gregory Bresiger

The Long and Winding Road

By Gregory Bresiger

The STA's Middle East' Trouble

By Editorial Staff

An IPO Regulatory Break

By Colleen Marie O'Connor

The Volatility Trap

By Kathryn M. Welling

Captain Courageous: He's not Horatio Hornblower. But meet an OTC executive who was raised as a sail

By Sanford Wexler

Instinet Allows in The Competition Intermediaries Acceptable at Venerable ATS

By Peter Chapman

Happy Ending For Macgregor Saga? Abandoned' Customers Watch Closely

By Peter Chapman

The Big Brother Trading Platform? Full Automation for Commerzbank

By Brian O'Connell

Day Traders Reach the Pros

By Editorial Staff

Upheaval and Work

By Jim Marks

Intelligence and Liquidity

By Sanford Wexler