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April 1, 2001

Online News Service For Traders Magazine

By Editorial Staff

Starting on May 1, Traders Magazine will have its own online news service with the best in commentary, features, trading stories as well as updates from the regulatory front in Washington, D.C.

The Web site, Traders Online ( will also carry some of the most popular features, stories and sections that appear in Traders Magazine, including each month's cover story (soon after the print version is published), and the annual surveys of market makers and correspondent clearing firms.

The debut of Traders Online will include columns by top securities industry attorneys, Brandon Becker, Sam Scott Miller and Lee Pickard and provocative but topical opinion by journalist Gregory Bresiger, a contributor to Traders Magazine.

In addition, Traders Online will reprint a controversial interview with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, which was run in Traders Magazine in March. The site will also bring readers up-to-date on the adventures in South America of Chicago trader, Bridget McCoy. McCoy penned an entertaining piece for the magazine in March (Lifestyle section).

Traders Online will have much more, including photographs from the back issues of Traders Magazine, as well as back issues of the magazine from the archives. The site is an affiliated service of Traders Magazine.