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Spoofing, Surveillance and Supervision

Jay Biondo, Product Manager - Surveillance at Trading Technologies, co-authored an article along with James Lundy and Nicholas Wendland, both of Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, reviewing the CFTC's regulations and expanding efforts, 21st century surveillance and supervision, as well as strategic recommendations.

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April 30, 2000

The Long Distance Trader

By Sanford Wexler

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The proliferation of electronic communications networks, Weiss said, has exacerbated market fragmentation. She believes a central limit order book, as well as Nasdaq's super montage proposal, or similar mechanisms will help alleviate much of the fragmentation.

For a trader, Weiss said, it can be difficult when there are so many different sources of liquidity. "The liquidity that is offered at each point is quite small." she noted. "There is definitely a place for ECNs and technology, but people and relationships are important and necessary. The need for human interaction will always remain."

Buy-side trading is unquestionably a highly challenging pursuit. Those who survive and thrive on the Street are like long-distance runners. Weiss revels in undertaking a formidable challenge. Last year she successfully completed a 26-mile marathon.

She is married and is the mother of two young children - a seven-year-old daughter, Annie, and an eight-year-old son, Kevin. Her husband, Mike, works in the financial services industry in the area of consulting and risk management.

Weiss, who was recently nominated as an officer in the Minnesota Securities Dealers Association, said the most important thing for her is the opportunity to experience the vitality of the marketplace. That makes her work fulfilling.