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Are There Still Opportunities in Structured Credit Hedge Fund Strategies?

In this guest article, the author examines how the next credit cycle might again offer great distressed long-only beta trades at some point, but recommends investing in hedge funds that carry low market exposure right now.

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May 1998 Edition


At Deadline

By John A. Byrne

NASD's Battle on Primary Market-Making Rules Complex New Standards Raising Concern Among Nasdaq T

By Jeffrey L. Winograd

New Home for the NASD in Ohio or N.Y.? Two Congressmen Speak Out!

By Jeffrey L. Winograd

Bleak Capitol Hill Outlook on 31(a) Fees

By Jeffrey L. Winograd

Congressmen Claim a Victory In U.S. Decimal Stock Switch

By Jeffrey L. Winograd

The NASD Approves Proposal Increasing Desk Responsibility: Dealers Are Worried About New Reportin

By Michael L. O'Reilly

Fast Track

By John A. Byrne

Market Makers Hit Books for Equity-Trader Examinations

By Staff reports

Former STA President Madoff Honored By Queens College

By Staff reports

Goldschmid Is Named New General Counsel at the SEC

By Michael L. O'Reilly

BankAmerica Sells Robertson Stephens for $800 Million

By Staff reports

Wit Capital's Digital IPOs

By Stephen Lacey

The TAMMS Examination

By Howard L Haykin

How the NASD's NODE's Campaign Backfired Badly: What the World is Really Saying About the Trading

By John A. Byrne

The Market Makers' Research Challenge:Sell-Side Traders More Closely Following Stocks They Trade

By Michael L. O'Reilly

Arthur Levitt Rides Again The Life and Times of a Lousy Actor

By Jim Cassidy

A Price War Planned By New STRIKE ECN Bear Stearns' ECN is Taking Aim at Rival Systems

By Om Malik with staff reports

The ECN Playing Field:The Existing Players

By Staff Reports

CDA/Spectrum and Technimetrics Join Forces

By Russell Bong, Staff Writer

New Product Offers Unmatched: Benefits to Trading Markets

By Staff Reports

SIA Tech Fest's Trading World: Trade-Group Technology Conference is Mecca for the Pros

By John Edwards

The AutEx Group

By Staff Reports

The Acorns Don't Fall Far

By Michael L. O'Reilly