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April 1, 1998

Block Trading... After All These Years

By Michael L. O'Reilly

Challenged by his transition to the buyside, Gleason was trained by his predecessor at Wilmington before fully taking control of the desk. He finds that many younger professionals in the industry lack proper training in their positions.

"Firms are throwing kids into spots without real training because business is so heavy," he said. "And I think more young people are surging into the market than ever before."

Gleason blames the surging bull market for the lack of training for younger professionals. With business growing so rapidly, firms need to fill positions with employees before they can be properly trained.

"My generation of traders were thinned out because I worked through a bear market," Gleason added. "This market is attracting kids in droves, and firms are plugging them into positions before they are really ready."

A battle-hardened veteran of the equity markets, Gleason is still enjoying himself and learning about the business. And with his youngest son still in college, he doesn't plan on retiring any time soon.

He still lives in Wilmington with his wife of 30 years the two have four adult children just a 20-minute walk from his office.

"This is a large organization, but everyone from the chairman on down the line is accessible," he said. "There is a corporate feel to the bank because we're so large, but the bank is big on building a community feel to our operations. I'm happy here on the buyside."