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John Turney
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Foreign Exchange Infrastructure: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

In this exclusive to Traders Magazine, John Turney, Global Head of Outsourced FX at Northern Trust, discusses the evolution of the fx infrastructure and what is to come.

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What can you do to make your algo more successful?

Understanding your algorithm is a vital part of trading today’s markets. Why do they do what they do? And can you make them do it better? Check out the other Bloomberg Tradebook videos below. For more information, visit:


Q: How important is liquidity when your algo is trying to determine buying pressure?

A: Very. Think of liquidity as a pool of water—you’d want to know how deep it is before you start swimming. Determining whether there is real, deep liquidity in a buying pressure situation will shape how aggressively your algo can pursue the trade or whether that buying pressure might not have a lot of depth behind it.


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