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Steve Grob
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The Periodic Table

Fidessa's Steve Grob has written a response to Marcus Ferber writing to ESMA condemning periodic auctions. The blog strongly criticizes Ferber's approach, and looks at the problems behind the "lit is good and dark is bad" attitude.

Traders Poll

Do you think that NY AG Schneiderman's probe into crypto exchanges will curtail growth and trading?

The Options Algo Soup

If the trader is a chef cooking up an options trade, then the algo is the assistant gathering what the chef needs. Unlike equity trades, options involve complex strategies. Watch this video and discover more about option strategies, and what is important for success. For more information, visit


Q: Why is it important to tap into different pools of liquidity in an options trade?

A: Because option trades, unlike equity trades, often involve several separate parts—the option contract, the possible hedge on the contract, and the underlying stock that the option is based on. By having your algo tap different pools, you can make sure it is seeking the best price for each part.


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When it comes to stock trading, so much is changing so quickly that it’s difficult to understand and manage all the variables. Whether it’s algorithmic trading, price swings or dark liquidity, The Insight Bites series presents smart and concise snapshots of what a trader can do to address and overcome the most pressing of these challenges. Hosted by Traders Magazine and brought to you by Bloomberg Tradebook, each 60 second animated video provides quick and humorous insight into a unique issue that traders face every day. For more information, visit