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Adam Sussman
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Technology Needs A Catalyst. How Does Survival Sound?

In an exclusive to Traders Magazine, Liquidnet's Adam Sussman discusses why we should love AI and stop fearing it. Also, he delves into how the majority are focusing the conversation on the wrong issues when it comes to AI and automation, and are minimizing the fear of job losses by downplaying the promise of massive efficiencies.

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The first 30 minutes can be the most vital part of the trading day.

The most vital part of the day can be the first 30 minutes after the market opens but you have to balance that activity against a stock’s historic trading pattern. This short video shows why this balancing act is so important. Check out the other Bloomberg Tradebook videos below. For more information, visit


Q: How does an algo know how to split up an order to seek a best price?

A: Algos need the necessary data—a stock’s estimated trading volume, the day’s trading conditions, and how much trading has happened already—to make that determination. With that information the program behind the algo will be able to decide how best and when to dice up a large order into smaller pieces.

Q: Is it worth waiting 30 minutes before trading on any given day?

A: There is a lot to learn about any given day from the first 30 minutes of trading, however waiting for that information to accumulate might come at the expense of trading at an optimal price for the day. Traders always need a balanced approach, but they can use tools like Bloomberg Tradebook’s Strategy Analyzer or STAZ that are available on the Bloomberg Professional® service before the open and 30 minutes after the open. This tool will show them estimates for key market information such as estimated remaining volume and auction volume using all the market data available to seek the best estimate.


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