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Brett Cenkus
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President Trump Won't Kill America, Bitcoin Will

In this blog, the author examines how the global cryptocurrency adds one more piece of the pie to a radical shift in the structure of worldwide governance.

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Would the creation of a single central regulator in Canada affect your inter-listed trading strategies?

STRUCTURAL DAMAGE: Structural Strategies and Avoiding the Pittfalls

HFT is just a set of tools and strategies used to gain a competitive edge, but like all tools they can cause problems if misused. One type of tactic is structural strategy. Watch this video and learn more. For more information on avoiding these problems, visit


Q: Some of the HFT strategies you described sound like they should be illegal. Are they?

A: Not yet. However, securities regulators and law enforcement officials are increasingly looking at HFT behavior in the markets -- especailly when it involved disseminating false pricing information -- and eventually could prohibit some of the strategies or practices used by some HFT firms.


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