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John D'Antona Jr.
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QUICK TAKE: Are Cryptocurrencies A Safe Haven if Global Economy Slows?

Can crypto be a safe haven despite the recent Bitcoin sell off?

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GOING WITH THE FLOW: Some HFT strategies can cause your algorithm to follow the wrong flow

High Frequency Trading (HFT) may make markets more efficient by repricing certain derivatives to reflect the stock market, or making markets in illiquid stock. However other HFT strategies are more aggressive. One HFT strategy is called directional, and according the SEC can cause problems if used improperly. Watch this video and learn more.

To protect clients for directional HFT strategies Bloomberg Tradebook employs  smart logic that doesn't chase prices while seeking to get maximum fill rates at desirable prices. For more information visit


Q: Some of the ways you discussed that buyside traders can protect themselves, like randomizing behavior, are those new strategies?

A: They're new in the sense that now you'd use algorythmic programs to better utilize that strategy; however, traders since the dawn of the markets have taken pains to disguise or hide what they're doing in order to keep other traders from "front running" their order and making their trades less profitable.

Q: What are the ways that brokers can protect their clients from HFT tactics?

A: Brokers need to employ advanced techniques in their smart order routing/posting logic to help clients avoid the adverse effects of HFT tactics. Tradebook, for example, does not immediately go back to a venue that provided a fill. We believe natural liquidity always comes back, this allows us seek more liquidity at the same price level instead of chasing a market that could be driven by HFT quotes.


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