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David Weisberger
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Why Best Execution? 4 Charts Explain

CoinRoutes' co-founder David Weisberger examines Bitcoin and offers suggestions on how to achieve best execution.

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Now that it has gotten SEC approval, do you plan to connect and trade on the Long Term Stock Exchange?

Finding Your Way in the Dark: How can dark pools work for you?

Dark Pools have become a bigger part of today's markets, yet some traders get nervous when they think about trading in the dark. But they shouldn't be as dark pools are just another source of liquidity. Watch and learn more about how you can find your way in the dark pool. For more information, visit


Q: How can you tell if a certain dark pool isn't performing well for you?

A: First, you need to continually monitor the post-trade data and the prices you’re getting from the different pools. Then, you may notice patterns, both good and bad. For example, you may see that you’ve gotten better prices in one dark pool in the early trading hours, or with one particular order size. Or, the trade data may show that you’re repeatedly getting poorer execution at another dark pool, and that one should be avoided for a while. Your broker should be able to provide you with post trade reports that show a measure of toxicity for each venue you traded in.


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