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Ronald Jordan
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Understanding Your Data is No Longer Optional

In this contributed article from Global Markets Advisory Group, the advisory discusses the importance of data and how organizations should augment existing skill sets and capabilities to add a data-focused perspective to their operating fabric.

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The CFTC will push for regulation


ETF’s European Love Affair

ETFs have not only made a big splash in U.S. markets, but they’re also making inroads into European markets. In fact, the total number of European-listed ETFs and Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) has more than quadrupled in the past few years. For more information, watch this video and visit


Q: What can the European markets do to promote ETFs with retail investors there?

A: The primary tool is education. Like when ETFs were first introduced in this country, large asset management firms and banks that created ETFs had to help investors understand the advantages and benefits of trading them. And it worked. In this country ETFs are now very popular with retail investors. The same type of "investment in education" is indeed increasing their popularity in Europe.


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