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Michael Mollemans and Sharif Shukr
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The Road Ahead In Transition Management

Clients are demanding a more transparent, agency-only approach to trading and sourcing of liquidity, as well as deeper discussions around venue analytics to better understand the reasoning behind order routing preferences.

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Algos Across Asset Classes

Weve seen how alogorithms can help a trader manage risk and execution in the equities market, but today they can also help improve a trader's performance in other asset classes as well. Discover why it's important to ask if your algo is hitting all the available liquidity sources and casting its net wide enough. Watch now. For more information, visit


Q: Futures, Options and FX markets exhibit different behavior than stock markets, can an equity algorithm do a good job in a new asset class when its just ported over to that new asset class?

A: Every market has nuances, some markets are quote driven vs order driven and all securities prices reflect many different investment strategies. However the unifying element is that they can be accessed electronically and that there is are bid and offer prices. With this foundation, algorithms can then be modified to intelligently implement a specific strategy in a new market and monitor their own impact.


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