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Pressing the PaaS Button

In his latest blog post, Gerry Turner, Global Head of Platform as a Service at Vela, discusses how forward-thinking firms are now looking at derivatives platforms in a new way and exploring the cost/benefit equation of the PaaS approach.

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First row: Director, Vic Topper; Director,

Dan Mele; Second Vice President, Brian

Wardle, all Jefferies & Co.; Director,

Keller Reid, Penson Financial Services;

STA Governor, Lou Matrone, Pulse

Trading; Middle Row: Director, Nicole

Ake, Penson Financial Services;

President, Clint Turner, Direct Trading

Institutional; Past President, Tim

Noakes, DSTA; Director, Mike Rask,

Bridge Trading; Back Row: Director,

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Brit King, Sanders, Morris & Harris;

First Vice President, John Daley,

Jefferies & Co.; Director, Rick Andrews,

JonesTrading, all Dallas.