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Top 10 Altcoins for 2019

In this shared article author Mina Downs gives her projections as to what will be the top "altcoins" in 2019.

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As the SEC Tick Pilot is soon to expire, in your opinion, was it a solid fact finding mission or folly?

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The Split to Restructure Equity Markets

Kelvin To, founder of Data Boiler technologies, spoke with Traders Magazine about the importance of the SEC's access fee pilot, how it should assist in restructuring the equity market and questions just who it should help.

Low Touch Trading - The Transition from Algos to Service

Chris Monnery, Electronic Execution Business Development at Fidessa, shares his recent LinkedIn article following a panel he moderating on the changing needs of the Buy Side from an OMS/EMS and execution perspective.

Greenwich Says the Future of Investing is “Quantimental"

New Greenwich Associates report analyzes the impact and future of quantitative investing.

Equity Market Innovation Leads to Venue Proliferation

Several startups are planning to launch either new venues or order types, and even listing standards, to solve problems in US equity trading.

European Buy-Side Looks to Automation, not Artificial Intelligence, to Slash Costs

The WBR report assesses the current cost control struggle and operational challenges facing European asset managers and institutional investors, with some staggering findings.

QUICK TAKE: Don’t Stand Still When it Comes to GDPR

Jamie Graves, CEO & Founder of ZoneFox says firms better get ready for Fridday's implementation of Reg GDPR.

How Social Media is Changing the Hedge Fund Industry

In this contributed article, author Don Steinbrugge examines how the hedge fund industry is using social media interesting.

BUY-SIDE SNAPSHOT: Vanguard's Mike Buek

Markets Media editor Terry Flanagan recently caught up with Mike Buek, Principal in the Vanguard Equity Index Group, asking about the firm's equity index trading capabilities.

STA Gives An Early Prediction on 2018’s 'Top 5'

In this note to the Security Traders Association subscribers and members, Jim Toes gives his five picks for the top market structure happenings as he sees them.

Will ICOs Render Venture Capitailists Obsolete?

In this blog, one Silicon Valley pro dissects and debates the capital-raising question she’s asked most often.