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ICOs: Financial Innovation or Modern Day Scam?

In this new blog series from CoinRoutes, the potential for ICOs to enable public participation in the funding of new blockchain related technology ventures being important is discussed.

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As firms and venues begin to report trade data to the CAT, what is your biggest concern with the system and data?

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TRADING THE WEEK: Easing into the Second Half

The markets should saunter into the second half of the year as July markets are typically light in volume and have muted moves throughout the month, especially during the first week.

Winning the Research Battle

As investors pay more attention to the cost of research, ultimately deciding its market worth, Street Contxt says firms will need to become more data-driven in their approach to content distribution. This data will not only inform pricing, but will ultimately be essential to generating future returns.

Demystifying Direct Electronic Access

Vela's Ollie Cadman, Head of Product & Strategy EMEA, writes that the concept of DEA, whereby a market participant directly accesses a trading venue by using the trading code of a member firm, is simple enough, there is still confusion over which market access models should be subject to DEA requirements.

IHS Markit and Deloitte to Address MiFID II Compliance for Outreach and Repapering

IHS Markit announced a strategic alliance with Deloitte to address MiFID II regulatory challenges.

The Emperors New Clothes, part 2

The first part of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” pointed out the fallacies of IEX’s core claims of being “Fair” and “Transparent”. In part 2, author David Weisberger looks to explain several serious issues with IEX’s recent paper they published to demonstrate the execution quality of their exchange.

Long Term Investors Embrace FX Algos to Optimize Performance

New research from Greenwich Associates shows that long-term investors corporate end-users are turning to algorithms in FX trading.

TRADING THE WEEK: A Tale of Two Markets

Stocks keep moving higher - but just how much higher is uncertain? And what about the Fed and President Trump - could they both hurt stock prices and the market? Is the market a tale of two stories?

Shining a Light on Market Data Costs

IEX's John Ramsay discusses that there is remarkably little light in the form of data about rising data costs. Throwing more light on this issue, he contends, is one good way to make progress on resolving it.

The Alternative Data Vendor Survival Guide

Fans of alternative data, see it as the “secret sauce” that can give investors a richer, more nuanced view of markets than standard market data quotes and benchmarks. But, according to MayStreet, no matter how many successes alternative vendors log, their path to survival is fraught with pitfalls.

Research and the Right CHOICE

In this article, editor John D'Antona Jr. examines how one new regulation (MiFID II) and one proposed law (the CHOICE Act) could alter the market structure in a way not seen since Reg NMS.