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Understanding Your Data is No Longer Optional

In this contributed article from Global Markets Advisory Group, the advisory discusses the importance of data and how organizations should augment existing skill sets and capabilities to add a data-focused perspective to their operating fabric.

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What is “Quality” Research and How to Produce More of It Despite the Squeeze on Budgets?

In this shared report from Integrity Research, the author argues that there is a great need for better data-driven insights, so both the buy- and sell-side can gain a more granular understanding of the value of published research.

Citi and Goldman Sachs Lead US Fixed Income Share Leaders

The vast majority of fixed-income trading volume and revenue is still captured by the six dealers that make up the list of the 2017 Greenwich Share Leaders - starting with the largest brokers.

Too Much Choice in Fixed Income Trading

In this contributed blog, Vela argues that there is too much choice and variability when it comes to instruments to trade in the fixed income market.

How Global Commodity Market Participants Are Gaining Greater Connectivity via the Cloud

In this contributed article from IPC, the firm discusses the challenges faced by commodity market participants and how cloud-based solutions can address them.

Crypto-Currency Rhetoric Reflects Conflicts of Interests in the Financial System

In this guest blog, the current controversy surrounding bitcoin, its detractors and defenders is discussed and thoroughly examined.

Equity Volume Sinks to 3-Year Low in August

The drop is due in large part to sustained low volatility as measured by the VIX and also stubbornly high valuations, traders told Traders Magazine.

Eating Research Costs Becomes Consensus For European Asset Managers

Under MiFID II, it will be the norm for asset managers to pay research costs from their P&L and it is likely that other managers will follow what is now the dominant trend.

Cryptocurrencies’ Wall of Worry; China Says "No" to ICO

In this guest blog, Celent's John Dwyer said to not underestimate the groundswell of institutional support for infrastructure which permits institutional capital to move into the cryptocurrency complex.

The IEX Auction: Pursuing Better Price Discovery

In this contributed article, IEX takes a deep dive into the three principles behind the design of its auction process and highlight several key points of differentiation.

China’s Bitcoin Move Should NOT Have Been a Surprise; Why the pundits are wrong, again…

In this guest commentary, ViableMkts examines how that the Chinese move to close bitcoin exchanges was predictable and, if anything, might make crypto-currencies more valuable in the long run.