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Spoofing, Surveillance and Supervision

Jay Biondo, Product Manager - Surveillance at Trading Technologies, co-authored an article along with James Lundy and Nicholas Wendland, both of Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, reviewing the CFTC's regulations and expanding efforts, 21st century surveillance and supervision, as well as strategic recommendations.

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OPINION: Everything Old is New Again

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is looking to turn back the regulatory clock to address the dearth of liquidity in thinly traded stocks.

QUICK TAKE: SEC Is Reining In Data Fees

ITG's Doug Clark weighs in on the recent announcement by the SEC rejecting exchange requests to charge more for their data.

Mining the Small- and Mid-Cap Space for Value

In the exclusive to Traders Magazine, James Rife argues that despite the current market predilection towards passive investing and large-cap stocks, there are strong opportunities in small and mid-cap stocks.

The Risk Contribution of Stocks - Part 3

In the new and final installment of this series, Ampersand introduces a way to diversify beyond stocks and bonds without having to sell the stock/bond portfolio holdings.

A Decade After the Financial Crisis, These Lessons Can't Be Forgotten

OCC's John Davidson shares the the six lessons he's learned from the financial crisis, all of which he argues are relevant for central counterparties, such as OCC, as well as other types of financial intermediaries.

SEC Steers Pilot on Equity Trading Fees and Rebates Amid Headwinds

In this item from FlexTrade, author Ivy Schmerken takes a deep dive into one of the more controversial issues in equity market structure - the transaction-fee pilot that will force stock exchanges to lower the fee caps on rebates they pay to brokers and market makers.

Many Miles Traveled, More Yet To Go

In a new white paper, DTCC explores the use of futuristic tech, such as DLT, to transform trade reporting, the definition/adoption of data standards, and the essential role collaboration is playing in enabling trade repositories to fulfill their true function - providing regulators with info that allows them to detect and protect against systemic risks.

Rising Rates and Vol Give Funds Food for Thought, but a Menu Overhaul Isn’t Required

Due to a combination of pressure to deliver greater returns and a prolonged period of low rates, the investment world is experiencing a major shift requiring asset managers to rethink their strategies.

Crypto Confusion, Wall Street Delusion

In this blog, the CEO of CoinRoutes David Weisberger expounds on his belief that crypto is here to stay, both as an asset class and as a technology that will improve other asset classes, but that the market and its denizens need to mature.

QUICK TAKE: Ripple Will Lead Cryptocurrency Sector into Mainstream

In this QUICK TAKE, Ripple is be expected to “convert the remaining crypto cynics,” affirms the boss of one of the world’s largest independent financial services organizations.

MiFID II Post-Mortem Cites Delays on LEIs and Data Quality as Key Challenge

In this shared item from FlexTrade, With the rollout of such a massive regulation as MiFID II, there are bound to be some hiccups, but so far firms are mainly wrestling with trade reporting and data quality issues.

Brexit Fragmentation

Christian Voigt blogs on fragmentation in a post-Brexit environment and asks what will change in the markets post-Brexit and whether volume will return to continental Europe.

The Periodic Table

Fidessa's Steve Grob has written a response to Marcus Ferber writing to ESMA condemning periodic auctions. The blog strongly criticizes Ferber’s approach, and looks at the problems behind the “lit is good and dark is bad” attitude.

Diving Into Cryptocurrencies: Trading Stack, Standardization Beckon Institutions at FIX Briefing

FIX Trading shares this recap of happenings from its recent Community Access Briefing. From mining to physical trading to futures, speakers made it clear: cryptocurrencies—and the consequences they augur—are top of mind.

NYSE’s Chicago Takeover Perpetuates Fragmentation by Consolidation

Don Ross examines how the recent announcement that ICE would buy CHX appears on its surface to herald the inevitable and final technology-driven consolidation of the traditional U.S. exchange business. Yet, he said, it is set to perpetuate a very different trend, driven by perversities in well-meaning but misguided regulation: fragmentation.