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Beyond Broker Scorecards What's Next for Algo Wheels?

FlexTrade has just released a whitepaper on the brokers and the increased scope the algo wheels are taking.

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ISDA Issues New White Paper on Clearing Incentives, Systemic Risk and Margin Requirements

ISDA has issued a new white paper on clearing incentives, systemic risk and margin requirements.

CEO CHAT: Don Ross, PDQ Enterprises

Traders Magazine recently caught up with Don Ross, CEO of PDQ Enterprises LLC, the parent company of CODA Markets Inc. He told editor John D'Antona Jr. about his start in the business, his firm's philosophy and innovations in the ATS space.

Georgetown's Angel Issues White Paper on Market Data Landscape

James Angel, Associate Professor of Finance at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, shared with Traders Magazine his recently completed a study of the current market data situation and concluded that market data businesses run by the exchanges are a benefit to individual investors.

Buy-Side Multi-Asset Trading: Challenges and Opportunities

How far do large investment firms wish to go to amalgamate legacy siloed trading desks? What is the blueprint? And most critically, what are the risks and rewards?

A.I. on the Fast Track

Increasingly analysts and portfolio managers are turning to A.I.-based technologies such as machine learning to figure out the impact of events on stocks and other financial assets.

The Investor: Our Industry's True North

STA's Jim Toes argues that despite an initial kneejerk reaction to protect the status quo, Wall Street strives when conditions for investors improve.

CryptoCompare Publishes Cryptoasset Report

The report represents a detailed analysis of 200+ cryptoassets, based on more than 30 unique attributes, covering a range of economic, legal and technological features.

CAUTION: Criticizing the Fed Will Have Consequences

In this guest commentary, BNP's Freidman examines how Federal Reserve policymakers will remain faithful to their statutory mandate of promoting price stability, maximum employment and moderate long-term interest rates, despite political pressure.

SIFMA Reports US Equity Market Cap at $32.1 Trillion

The U.S. equity market, which is currently enjoying the longest bull run in its history, is valued at over $32 trillion dollars.

QUICK TAKE: deVere Says Ripple XRP Can Hit $1 Threshold by 2019

Can Ripple XRP break through a buck?

Q2 Equities Breakdown: Volumes Drift Lower as Volatility Slides

In his quarterly equities market review, Tabb co-founder Larry Tabb shares his views on equity market structure, volume and volatility.

Benchmark Reform Is Big Industry Challenge

The Euribor replacement is unknown.

Five Predictions for Crypto in 2019

In this guest article, David Azaraf examines 5 macro trends that crypto investors and traders should watch out for in the next 12 months.

Is The Corporate Bond Market Overheating? Look At The Lenders.

In this review from Russell Investments, the firm examines how to gauge whether or not the corporate bond is overheating and what barometer one should use when deciding..

VIEWPOINT: US Stock Markets Put Investors First

In an Op-Ed originally published in The Hill, former US Representative Mike Ferguson examines the nobility of public exchanges and the services they offer.


In this FLASHBACK FRIDAY Traders Magazine looks back to December 2009, when word "Ponzi" was broadly introduced to the world via Bernard Madoff and the fraud he perpetrated upon thousands investors. We take a look at what has happened since and a detailed look back into his origin on this 10th anniversary of his arrest.

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