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Top 10 Altcoins for 2019

In this shared article author Mina Downs gives her projections as to what will be the top "altcoins" in 2019.

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Are You Hiring Candidates with High Integrity?

What should you look for if you want to hire people with high integrity?

Bitcoin Bull Market Considerations

In this posted blog, the author argues that the start of Bitcoin’s next bull market will be more subdued than the bull market of 2017.

The State of the Ethereum Network

After months of intense attention on blockchain technology and the Ethereum blockchain, the authors pull together statistics from across the network to provide a snapshot of Ethereum today, its past, and its roadmap ahead.

Switzerland’s Sovereign Money Referendum Suggests It’s Time to Rethink the Fed

In this guest article, Christian Felber examines the role of the Federal Reserve and money following Switzerland's recent move to a sovereign money system.

Many Sources of Liquidity, Many Sources of Uncertainty

In his latest blog post, Ollie Cadman of Vela looks at the diversity of business models associated with the SI regime and the impact of that diversity on market transparency and how liquidity is accessed in the emerging new landscape.

Avoiding Collateral Damage: An Intelligent Approach to Pre-Trade Risk

In this blog shared by Vela, the firm explores how not having an adequate pre-trade risk system presents enormous problems – it essentially means a firm can’t do business.

Should Your Customers Trust You with Their Data?

In this shared article, the CEO of Evident discusses the value of data and how it must be protected.

The 3 Types of Cryptocurrency Traders that are Kicking Your Butt

In this guest blog, one crypto executive examines the three types of token traders who outperform the market and hot to spot them.

The VR Revisions and FRTB

Guest contributor George Bollenbacher shares with Traders Magazine his views on how the rollback of unpopular rules, such as the Volcker Rule, can have unintended consequences.

The Ways in Which Artificial Asset Management Will Change the Industry

Artificial intelligence technology is going to have a major impact on the world of finance. This post will look at some of the ways in which AI is changing the future of asset management.

Exchange-Listed Options Mean Opportunity for Pensions and Endowments

In a shared blog, the Options Clearing Corp examines how exchange-listed and traded options can help pensions and endowment funds maximize alpha capture and boost returns.

OPINION: Central Banks and Crypto Don't Mix

Everyone has jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon over the past two years, but is it time for central banks to join the party?

Fixed Income Trading Technology Q&A: Wellington

Carrie Chan, Vice-President Fixed Income Trading Technology, and Erik Tumasz, Managing Director Fixed Income Trading Technology, speak about the state of technology in the fixed income markets and their trading desk.

FIS Reports Advanced Operating Models Can Help Firms Stay Ahead of Curve

FIS just released its 2018 Readiness Report that canvassed the buy side, sell side and insurance industry to provide insight into digital priorities across the industry.

Emerging Cryptocurrency Point-of-Sale Tech Finally Solving the Mass Market Bitcoin Blockade

In this contributed article, guest author Alex Mihaljcic identifies four cryptocurrency trends that can resolve the primary problems preventing Bitcoin from going mainstream.