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Understanding Your Data is No Longer Optional

In this contributed article from Global Markets Advisory Group, the advisory discusses the importance of data and how organizations should augment existing skill sets and capabilities to add a data-focused perspective to their operating fabric.

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Gazing into the Future of Financial Market Structure…

In this guest blog, David Weisberger says that 2016 will be a particularly humbling for a great many people in the market. Read his thoughts and rationale right here.

SteelEye CEO Smith Shares Thoughts on MiFID II Implementation

SteelEye CEO Matt Smith shared his thoughts on MIFID II implementation and how it can be a benefit to the markets with Traders Magazine.

MiFID II: Another Well Intentioned Regulation that Could Undermine Investment Boutiques Managers

While the proposed MiFID II regulatory changes are well-intended, FIS Group believes they represent yet another costly regulation that could have a disproportionately negative impact on small firms as opposed to large ones

BNP Paribas Shares Top Thematic FX Trades for 2018

As the New Year is almost here, BNP Paribas has shared with Traders Magazine its outlook for the global foreign exchange markets.

Buy Side Investment Risk Management Part 2: A Survey of Risk Technology and Innovation Imperatives

In this second installment based on Celent's survey of more than 40 active and quantitative investment management firms, we focus on the medium-to-long term strategic priorities and innovation enablers that will help active managers optimize their operational models and sharpen alpha generation capabilities.

Advocating for a Stronger U.S. Options Market

In the latest OCC blog, John Davidson, President and COO, talks about some of the key issues facing the U.S. exchange-listed options industry and regulators in 2018.

MiFID II and the Challenges of Liquidity Fragmentation

In this contributed article by Duncan Higgins and Scott Kurland, the pair examine the changing liquidity landscape under MiFID II.

Top Trends in Cybersecurity for 2018

Cordium's Michael Corcione, Managing Director of Cybersecurity and Data Protection Services shares his views on the top five trends in cybersecurity for 2018.

Innovation in Capital Markets FX Technology

In this shared report, Celent takes a deep dive of trends and players in the FX technology space. This includes a breakdown by functionality in the FX trading, analytics, and venue landscape and the remapping of the industry by emerging technologies.

The Hurdles and need for MiFid II Regulations

Enfusion Systems¹ Jason Morris discusses how MiFID II will affect the global financial market,

Buy Side Investment Risk Management Part 1: A Survey of Business Priorities, Risk Hotspots, and Operational Alpha Opportunities

This report explores a future-oriented view of how investment business priorities and risk dynamics in the buy side universe are expected to play out in the short to midterm horizon based on recent Celent survey insights and data.

Blockchain Capital Markets — Part I: A New Paradigm for Capital Formation

Celent's John Dwyer shares his recent published report titled Blockchain Capital Markets - Part I where the advent of ICOs and token combination is unleashing unprecedented levels of creative destruction and innovation.

Defining the FX Flash Crash

In report shared with Traders Magazine, Pragma aims to define and identify flash crashes using tick by tick FX data for 2015 and 2016. In so doing, it will become a useful benchmark for researchers, regulators and institutions looking to understand why flash crashes occur and whether they are becoming more common in the FX market.

Bitcoin Futures: What Are They and How Do They Work?

In this shared article, the Chief Investment Officer at Evolve Funds explains the latest market craze - bitcoin futures - and how to trade them.

A Trader’s View on Crypto

Michael Unetich, VP of Cryptocurrencies at Trading Technologies and an avid cryptocurrency participant, shares his thoughts about what he would be thinking about bitcoin if he were to put his old trader hat on.