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Spoofing, Surveillance and Supervision

Jay Biondo, Product Manager - Surveillance at Trading Technologies, co-authored an article along with James Lundy and Nicholas Wendland, both of Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, reviewing the CFTC's regulations and expanding efforts, 21st century surveillance and supervision, as well as strategic recommendations.

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QUICK TAKE: Don’t Stand Still When it Comes to GDPR

Jamie Graves, CEO & Founder of ZoneFox says firms better get ready for Fridday's implementation of Reg GDPR.

How Social Media is Changing the Hedge Fund Industry

In this contributed article, author Don Steinbrugge examines how the hedge fund industry is using social media interesting.

BUY-SIDE SNAPSHOT: Vanguard's Mike Buek

Markets Media editor Terry Flanagan recently caught up with Mike Buek, Principal in the Vanguard Equity Index Group, asking about the firm's equity index trading capabilities.

STA Gives An Early Prediction on 2018’s 'Top 5'

In this note to the Security Traders Association subscribers and members, Jim Toes gives his five picks for the top market structure happenings as he sees them.

Will ICOs Render Venture Capitailists Obsolete?

In this blog, one Silicon Valley pro dissects and debates the capital-raising question she’s asked most often.

State Street Report Examines How Buy-Side Manage Data and Analytics

When it comes to data management, investment strategies are changing, State Street reports.

Systematic Internalisers – Data Holds Key to Challenges and Opportunities in MiFID II Era

In the latest Financial Markets Insights report from The Realization Group, Ollie Cadman of Vela joins other industry thought leaders, including Citi’s James Baugh, Sun Trading’s Jamal Tarazi (Sun Trading is now part of Hudson River Trading), Rosenblatt Securities’ Anish Puaar and Aquis Exchange's Alasdair Haynes, to investigate the challenges and opportunities introduced under this new regime.

Algorithmic Trading and TCA Adoption Driven by FX Global Code

This contributed piece from Pragma's Curtis Pfeiffer focuses on how there is increasing demand from corporates and other buy-side institutions for algorithmic trading tools. As they sign up to the Code, it will encourage their banks and brokers to sign up and support, creating a positive ripple effect.

Underfunded US Pensions Can Look to Exchange Listed Options

While it doesn’t grab the headlines like President Trump’s tweets, Korea, China, bitcoin or Jeff Besos, the current state of many pension systems being underfunded remains. However, there is help.

Taking Stock of Equity Market Structure Priorities

SIFMA'S Randy Snook provides an insider's look from its recent market structure conference and makes some comments on proposals and pilots put forth.

MiFID II Transparency in Focus

Christian Voigt, senior regulatory adviser at Fidessa said the new annual reports requiring European Union investment firms to report on their most used trading venues or brokers increase transparency despite issues with some of the data.

Breaking Stealth (or, I Can Name That Algo in Four Notes)

In this shared article, Babelfish asks how can child orders could be identified and traded against by a more sophisticated counterparty? The firm explores the academic study of "unicity" and shows why this is much easier to do than one may have been led to believe.

QUICK TAKE: Reg S-X Proposed Changes Are A-OK

In this QUICK TAKE, Marlon Paz supports the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed changes to the Loan Rule, which governs how far an auditor can go in having a financial link to the funds they audit.

TMX Outage: A Wake-Up Call for Canadian Capital Markets and Our Regulators

NEO CEO Jos Schmitt reviews the recent TSX outage, the real industry-wide issues it highlights, and what steps the regulators take to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

ISDA Publishes Future of Derivatives Survey

Derivatives industry participants are optimistic about the future of derivatives markets, but have flagged a number of important changes that will have an impact on the future of the business, according to a new survey published by ISDA