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Beyond Broker Scorecards What's Next for Algo Wheels?

FlexTrade has just released a whitepaper on the brokers and the increased scope the algo wheels are taking.

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The Importance of a Systemically Important Financial Market Utility

John Fennell, Chief Risk Officer talks about the importance of a SIFMU.

RETAIL REPORT: Morningstar Shares Five Global Market Trends

Morningstar recently published its latest Markets Observer report and shares its findings with Traders Magazine.

RETAIL REPORT: Schwab Says Robo Advisors Are Wave of the Future

In a new study, retail brokerage Charles Schwab uncovered how future investors are increasingly leaning toward artificial intelligence, robo advisors and technology

RETAIL REPORT: Q3 Equity Manager Report: The Froth Has Left the Market

Does the stock market still have more to give? Russell Investments analysts look at the state of the markets around the globe and share with Traders Magazine their insights.

Leave Ordinary Investors Out of the High-Speed Data Battle

In an Op-ed, Georgetown's James Angel argues there is a false narrative in the ongoing market data cost: that stock exchange market data fees somehow harm individual investors. The opposite is true, he counters.

Why We Need Compromise on Market Data

Daniel Schlaepfer, CEO of Select Vantage shares his view that exorbitant charges to liquidity providers are unfair, but compromise is needed with the exchanges.

Weekly Corporate Event Highlights

Staying on top of corporate events is critical for any investment firm. Here are the selected events from Wall Street Horizon impacting the most widely held securities scheduled for this week.

Bitcoin Ten Years Later and What is Yet to Come

In this previously published commentary from DataTrek, Nicolas Colas opines that Bitcoin starts its second decade in a similar position to 10 years ago – a clever technology looking for a home. While he doesn't yet think it is a “buy” based on Google Trend and wallet growth analysis, it is still worth watching.

BIG Data: Getting Granular with ESG Factors

With the growth in sustainable investing, there’s been a surge in data on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors over the past few years. FlexTrade examines where the uptake has moved to and where.

Algorithm Usage on the Rise

The death of the human sales trader has long been predicted but never materialized. And for those who thought algorithmic trading would go the way of the Edsel also will disappointed, according to new research.

RETAIL REPORT: Three Investment Strategies to Fear

As the end of October rapidly approaches, investors can choose an investment trick or treat when it comes to investing ahead of the new year or holidays. Gerry Frigon, Chief Investment Officer at Taylor Frigon Capital Management shared with Traders Magazine some of his thoughts on three investment strategies to fear.

Driving Evolution in Financial Markets: Don’t Unnecessarily Re-Write The Rulebook

In the article, Bria highlights the US Treasuries market’s resistance to change, and discusses how existing models in other markets such as FX might be the solution rather than creating brand new technology that takes time to develop and implement.

RETAIL REPORT: Navigating The Wall of Worry with Small Caps

US small-cap stocks lost their lead over blue chips in early October’s sell-off, which was likely prompted by fears of higher interest rates. BNP Pariba AM's Eric McLaughlin believes such fears were unjustified and that the sell-off was a correction in a bull market.

FCA Brexit Consultation Offers Alternative to Noisy Political Debate

Fidessa's Voight shared his recent bllog with Traders Magazine and examines the detailed guidance on issues where IT changes are needed irrespective of the type of Brexit. These changes include that UK trading venues will have to start transaction reporting on behalf of their EU27 members, something that wasn’t necessary before.

ICI Strongly Supports the SEC’s Efforts to Enhance Fund Disclosure

Industry group agrees with SEC that modern fund disclosure system should provide investors with choice.


In this FLASHBACK FRIDAY Traders Magazine looks back to December 2009, when word "Ponzi" was broadly introduced to the world via Bernard Madoff and the fraud he perpetrated upon thousands investors. We take a look at what has happened since and a detailed look back into his origin on this 10th anniversary of his arrest.

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