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Three Reasons the "Downs" Have Greater Impact In An "Up and Down" Stock Market

Brian Decker, a financial planner and founder of Decker Retirement Planning Inc., argues that it is much more important for investors to consider the downside in turbulent markets than the upside.

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Is the adoption of electronic trading in fixed income on par of that in the FX sector?

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ED&F Man Said to Hire Fixed-Income Team From Interactive Brokers

Commodity broker ED&F Man Holdings Ltd. has hired a group of fixed-income traders who left Interactive Brokers Group Inc. last year, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

SEC Scrutinizing Bank Efforts to Comply With Capital Regulations

The Securities and Exchange Commission is scrutinizing banks' efforts to appear safer to regulators and shareholders.

COMMENTARY: 10 Things That Worry Quants

Not only is quant trading in its infancy, the quants are just as lost as traditional traders.


Knight Edges Towards Blind-Risk

Knight Capital Group, which recently expanded its global program trading effort, is eyeing an expansion into the capital commitment game and moving in the direction of the blind-risk business. After launching a global program trading business in April, the next step will be moving out along the risk curve with regard to committing capital, said Jenkins Marshall, a managing director at Knight who co-heads the new division.

Where's The Flow?

Equities trading volume in the first quarter disappointed many industry pros. However, they see several bright spots that could juice volumes the rest of the year. First, the bad news. On March 28, just 5.973 billion shares traded. It was the slowest day in the markets this year. It also wrapped up a quarter that saw a 7 percent drop in volume last year.

Industry Panel Attacks MiFID II

Trading in Europe will get more expensive and difficult if reforms to the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive pass as proposed, according to a panel at a recent industry conference. Panelists on a regulatory session at TradeTech USA said proposed changes to current European regulation-MiFID-will hurt their businesses by raising their costs and making them less competitive.

Cover Story: What's Ahead?

Program trading is in again. Its volumes have been rising. Its technology is becoming more sophisticated. And the buyside is warming to its capabilities, so much so that program trading now represents roughly 15 percent of U.S. equities volume.

Cover Story: Spreading Their Wings

Over the past five years or so, mid-tier trading desks have been reorienting their roles in the market.

Program Trading Tools Need Upgrade

The electronic trading tools for program trading that most brokers and technology vendors offer their clients have not kept up with their single-stock offerings.