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Incentivizing a Better Market

In this blog from IEX, the exchange announces a first-of-its-kind fee that is designed to improve all trading, including the experience of displayed orders - the Signal Fee.

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Rival Helps Options Traders Build Bespoke Algos

Options market makers are now getting the ability to design and run their own custom or “bespoke” algorithms.

Nasdaq ISE Seeks to Consolidate Fees

Options exchange operator Nasdaq ISE has filed a request with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to raise non-transactional fees on its primary and competitive market makers to offset increasing overhead costs.

Advocating for a Stronger U.S. Options Market

In the latest OCC blog, John Davidson, President and COO, talks about some of the key issues facing the U.S. exchange-listed options industry and regulators in 2018.

R.J. O’Brien Now Distributes Fidessa Workstation

Fidessa announced that R.J. O'Brien has signed a global agreement to distribute Fidessa's futures and options workstation in the UK.

Cboe Reports Increasing Usage Of New Complex Order Options Functionality

Cboe has reported that there is increased usage of complex order functionality on its Cboe EDGX Options Exchange, just one month after the new technology was launched.

US Listed Options Grows By 45.9m Contracts in October

According to the market consultancy Tabb Group, October saw monthly US options volume grow by 45.9 million contracts compared to September 2017, despite volatility remaining at record-low levels.

Goldman Leads In North American Flow Equity Derivatives; JPM Top Broker in Europe

Against a backdrop of low volatility and MiFID II, Goldman Sachs leads the flow equity derivatives market in North America and J.P. Morgan holds the No. 1 spot in Europe, according to the latest data from market consultancy Greenwich Associates.

Q3 Options Volume Dips to 1.02B Contracts Amid New Developments

Listed options volume dipped in third quarter of this year, according to the latest Tabb Group research, reversing the modest increase seen in the second quarter.

September US Options Volume Slips, But Still Outpacing 2016

Despite a September that saw monthly US options volumes drop 55.9 million contracts, year-to-date volume totals remain 1.8% ahead of the same period last year.

CME Group Launched Wednesday Weekly FX Options

The CME recently announced that it was launching, pending regulator approval, Wednesday Weekly FX options (Wednesday options) amid growth in existing Weekly FX options, which expire on Friday.

Options Market Plugs Away

For exchanges, trade handlers and technology providers, the U.S. options market recently has been the equivalent to a three-star restaurant review on Yelp: the meal was okay, it had its moments and there was no big problem, but overall it wasn’t anything to get excited about.

BOX Files for Floor Fee

The BOX Options Exchange has filed a request with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to establish a $1,500 per month booth fee for its recently open-outcry trading floor.

BOX Open Outcry Trading Floor Set to Open

Traders in the Windy City are about to get a new trading floor to trade options contracts but with a twist – live open outcry traders working orders the old-fashioned way – via telephones and voice.

US Options Volume Drifts Higher in June as Volatility Remains Muted

Listed options volume totaled 374.4 million in June 2017, an increase of 7.8 million contracts from May 2017 and a 1.8 percent increase from June 2016, according to the latest options LiquidityMatrix report from Tabb Group.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: New York Stock Exchange Roils Options World

It was a time of acquisition mania in the options mart back in 2005 as the NYSE has just purchased rival Arca Ex, which in turn had itself just acquired the Pacific Coast Exchange. The grab for market share in these equity derivatives exchanges was the key to profitability, the thinking went. But compared to today’s trend of increased fragmentation in options, the idea of monopoly or oligopoly seems ludicrous.