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Colt's Hutchinson Says US Firms Should Follow Europe's MiFID II Preparations

In a conversation with Traders Magazine, Colt Technology Services' Julie Hutchinson discussed the widespread ramifications of MiFID II on European securities trading. She also said that while only a Euro-centric regulation, US firms should take heed and prepare - soon.

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Interactive Brokers Group to Cease Options Market Making

Interactive Brokers Group announced that it was getting out of the options market making business.

Nasdaq Targets Options Growth

Nasdaq, whose purchase of International Securities Exchange eight months ago increased its share in U.S. options to about 40%, is working to expand what has been a largely stagnant market over the past few years.

U.S. Listed Options Volumes Hinges on More Market Volatility in 2017

If it is research that drives the equity trading bus, then its volatility that propels options trading. And the hope for 2017 is for sustained levels of volatility, which should goose trading volumes higher, according to Tabb Group.

Ancoa Delivers Hosted Market Surveillance Platform to Convergex

The platform will provide surveillance capabilities for Convergex Global Equities and Options businesses.

MIAX PEARL Optons Exchange Opens

Exchange operator MIAX has launched MIAX PEARL, which began formal operations on Monday. This successful launch brings the total number of U.S. options markets to fifteen.

ALGO UPDATE: WEX Upgrades Best X for Options, Adds New FIX Algos

Traders who route and use complex orders are going to be able to use Wolverine’s Best X algorithm for options now. And if that isn’t enough, the firm is also announcing two brand new FIX- protocol based options algorithms too.

CBOE’S Historical Data Now on LIVEVOL Data Shop

Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) announced that its historical market data service formerly operated by Market Data Express (MDX) has migrated to CBOE Livevol Data Shop on January 6.

Dash Financial Merges with Convergex's LiquidPoint Options Business

Dash Financial is expanding it options business by acquiring Convergex's LiquidPoint options business. The expansion is being assisted by private equity firm GTCR, which owns a controlling interest in Convergex.

Crunch Time for Options Market Structure Reform

Time is short for the US options industry to address its nuanced market-structure with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, according to industry participants.

Convergex and OptionEyes Join to Assist Traders With Risk and Portfolio Management

Agency-based broker Convergex announced that it has entered into an agreement granting it an exclusive  license to The OptionEyes, a front-end technology platform that helps active traders manage and trade  positions in an options or equity portfolio.

Options Auctions Vex Market Makers

Some major trends in the options market have been the same for a number of years. Flat volumes. Marketplace fragmentation. A bifurcation of liquidity. But at least one noteworthy development is of a more recent vintage: auctions.

U.S. Listed Options Volume Fell to A 14-month Low in July: Tabb Report

Options trading volume fell precipitously in July - see just how much and why, according to the latest Tabb report.

Bats Doubles Down on Options and FX

Bats Global Markets expects to spend the remainder of 2016 focused on its U.S. options and global foreign-exchange operations, according to CEO Chris Concannon.

US Listed Options Fall to 1.01B Contracts in Q2

US listed options volume dropped on a quarterly basis despite a climbing in June to its highest levels in 10 months after a stock market swoon on the heels of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union.

Tattletales Wanted: To Nab Market Spoofers, Exchange Seeks Help

Bats Global Markets wants brokers to start snitching on their peers when they suspect market manipulation. Through a new initiative it likens to a neighborhood watch, Bats will encourage brokers to report suspicious price quoting and trading in its U.S. equities and options markets.