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Trump Won't Kill America, Bitcoin Will

In this shared piece, author Brett Cenkus argues that nation-states will cease to exist not because of a who, but a what - and it's already here.

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Optimising FX P&L: How Smart is Your Data?

Jack Jeffery and Matt Hodgson shared with Traders Magazine how regulation in FX is driving new opportunities to use data analytics and machine learning to drive performance in FX and tackle squeezed margins.

Ideal Prediction Launches Automated Voice and Algorithm Monitoring Service

Scope system automatically monitors order and trade activity, evidencing that humans and algorithms adhere to governance and risk controls.

Japanese Pension Fund Accesses CLSSettlement through State Street Trust and Banking

This is the first pension fund to migrate its FX settlement to CLSSettlement in Japan.

Euronext’s FastMatch FX Tape Available to all QuantHouse API Users

FastMatch's consolidated central market data product, the FX Tape, is available on the QuantHouse API Ecosystem store.

FX Trading: Barriers to Success

In this exclusive to Traders Magazine, OANDA's Mohsin Siddiqui examines the complexities of forex trading and warns of three that could hamper profitability.

RETAIL REPORT: Three Retail Trading Trends You Need to Know

Mohsin Siddiqui discusses how it’s essential that retail traders stay abreast of FX industry trends in order to gain an edge in their trading strategy. He targets three from 2018 that bear closer scrutiny.

Citi and HSBC FX Prime Broking Go Live with Capitolis Novation

Capitolis Novation is a technology platform which automates the currently manual workflow in both FX prime broking and bilateral trading, working collaboratively to provide capital efficiencies for the FX market.

Some Like It Hedged

BNP Asset Management's Pojarliev discusses a variety of options to address foreign currency exposures. Although there is no single best-practice solution for addressing foreign currency exposures, institutional investors have three main choices, he says.

IHS Markit Teams with Cobalt to Re-engineer FX Post-Trade

MarkitSERV and Cobalt will offer a shared post-trade infrastructure designed to replace legacy technology and manual processes, bringing increased efficiency and reduced operational risk to the FX market.

OTCXN Launches LiquiMatch FX ECN

OTCXN’s unique ECN, LiquiMatch FX, is an institutional-only foreign exchange dark pool embedded in a lit pool.

Traiana Provides Central Clearing Connectivity to HKEX OTC Clear for FX

Market participants can now access HKEXs OTC Clear service to clear USD/CNH and USD/HKD FX forward and swaps, via Traiana’s Clearing Hub (CCP Connect.)

Jamaican Stock Exchange and Blockstation Complete First Stage of Live Digital Currency Trading Pilot

The objective of the pilot is to demonstrate the complete lifecycle of the digital asset ecosystem.

SGX Completes World's First USD/CNH FlexC FX Futures Trade

The transaction involved Bank of China (Singapore) and ICBC (Singapore) executing 2 CNH FlexC FX futurised swap trades on SGX.

CLS’s DLT Payment Netting Service Live with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley

CLSNet brings a bilateral payment netting service to over 120 currencies, optimizing intraday liquidity, improving operational efficiency, and reducing risk.

Integral Partners with Moscow Exchange for FX Liquidity Enhancement

MOEX customers will experience access to better pricing, lower risk, faster acknowledgment in forex.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: California STA of Los Angeles 68th Annual Convention

In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY, Traders Magazine goes West and looks back to 2003 and the annual STALA conference.

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