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Trump Won't Kill America, Bitcoin Will

In this shared piece, author Brett Cenkus argues that nation-states will cease to exist not because of a who, but a what - and it's already here.

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European Investors Use ETFs For Strategic Allocation

Shift supports premise that ETFs are long-term investments.

Bond Algos Tap into ETF Liquidity and Efficiency Gains

Algorithmic trading has picked up steam in the corporate bond market as fixed income trading desks appear to follow the playbook of equities. But skeptics contend this is unlikely, arguing that bond desks are quite different and will undergo their own electronic transformation.

Investors Plowed into Equity and Fixed Income ETFs in February

ETFs backed by equities and fixed-income securities saw inflows as investors piggybacked on the stellar performance of global equity indexes that were up double digits for the year.

Low Volatility Drives Feb U.S. Gov Bonds Growth to $83.9B ADV or +3.7% YOY

Tradeweb monthly report notes new records in average daily trading volume (ADV) in U.S. Treasuries, U.S. Investment-Grade Credit, and European ETFs, despite a notable decline in market volatility.

ETFs Thrive in Europe Amid Volatility

Latest Greenwich Associates European ETF study shows surge in ETF allocations in institutional portfolios increased by 50% in 2018.

Volatility and Usage Drive Buy-Side into ETFs

Greenwich Associates reports that average allocations by institutions currently investing in ETFs jumped to 24.8% of total assets tin 2018, up from 18.5% in 2017.

Invesco Looks For Fixed Income ETF Opportunities

ETFs have become mainstream amongst European investors.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Unraveling the Ramifications of the ETF Bubble

In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY, Traders Magazine looks back to 2015 when one commentator argued the ETF market was near a bubble and how the market has fared since.

ETF Inflows Breach $300 Billion Again in 2018

December fixed-income inflows hit second highest monthly total.

Bond Traders Flock to ETFs, Venues and Technology to Manage Risk in Credit Markets

With volatility spiking in global stock and bond markets, there’s been a profound shift in market psychology from chasing higher yields to focusing on risk in the credit markets, according to a recent webinar.

No Bitcoin ETFs Yet

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton recently reiterated the agency’s position that there needs to be more market surveillance, security and solutions for the custody of the nascent asset class.

Equity, Fixed Income ETF Inflows Climb in November

U.S. large caps were favored over small caps in ETF inflows during the latest month, according to SSGA's latest report.

What Lies Beneath: ETF Liquidity

There’s more to what’s on the screen.

How ETP Managers Can Ensure Compliance with Continued Listing Standards

In this exclusive to Traders Magazine, author Veronica Popp examines how ETP managers can stay compliant with new listings standards.

October Equity ETF Inflows Up Amid Vol

Defensive positioning and risk reduction were the month's buzzwords.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: California STA of Los Angeles 68th Annual Convention

In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY, Traders Magazine goes West and looks back to 2003 and the annual STALA conference.

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