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Why Bitcoin Continues to Rule the Crypto Market Despite its High Volatility

So, how does the highest profile cryptocurrency manage to stay on top of the market despite threats from regulators, hackers and even market pundits.

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DigiCor Announces Institutional Grade Cryptocurrency Index Funds

DigiCor has announced the launch of its two institutional-grade digital assets passive funds.

SIX Now Offers ETFs from Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton accesses the Swiss market as ETF issuer with five smart beta ETFs for which Susquehanna is acting as a market maker and providing the liquidity.

What Happens to ETFs During Times of Volatility

In this shared report, DBAM's Luke Oliver looks at ETF behavior during times of market stress. He argues it is important to note certain behaviors were not actually problems with the ETF wrapper, or ETN wrapper for that matter, but a characteristic of inverse or leveraged exposure.

Expense Ratio Number One Criteria When Selecting an ETF

So, why do investors choose certain exchange-traded funds over others?

NYSE Sets Three Records in January in IPOs and ETFs

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange reached three historic milestones in January.

UBS Announces Launch of the InsightShares Patriotic Employers ETF

This new ETF focuses on companies that provide opportunities for U.S. Military Veterans.

State Street Global Advisors Marks 25th Anniversary of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF

Developed in the wake of the largest single-day stock market decline in history, SPY was designed to provide investors with immediate access to a physically-backed, diversified basket of stocks.

Institutional ETF Trading Volume Doubles Annually on Tradeweb over Five Years

Activity on the Tradeweb global ETF platform continues to increase with record investment into the ETF marketplace, driving more than 20 million shares in average daily trading for each of the last four quarters:

Deutsche Asset Management Lists More ETFs on Mexican Stock Exchange

Deutsche Asset Management (Deutsche AM) expanded the list of its exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offered on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

NYSE ARCA Leads Exchanges in ETFs in 2017

For the tenth consecutive year, NYSE Arca attracted the largest percentage and number of new ETF issuances, including 149 new listings valued at $5.8 billion in AUM combined.

Deutsche Asset Management Expands High Yield ETF Suite

The new funds - SHYL, HYUP and HYDW – offer investors cost-effective, targeted exposure to the high yield bond market.

ETF Inflows Break 2016 Record and Hit Nearly $500B in 2017

Twenty seventeen was a year for the record books when it came to exchange-traded fund inflows.

13 Xtrackers ETFs Available on Schwab ETF OneSource Platform

13 Xtrackers ETFs are now available on Schwab ETF OneSource platform.

SSGA Launches ETFs Designed to Provide Investors Access to "New Economy"

The three ETFs track proprietary index methodologies developed by Kensho Technologies, a provider of next-generation analytics, machine learning, and data visualization systems.

Equity ETF Inflows Could Top $300B in 2017

If sports broadcaster Mel Allen were alive and covering the exchange-traded fund markets, he might exclaim, “How about that?” as equity inflows appear poised to hit $300 billion this year.