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We're All HFTs Now

In this guest commentary, author Tim Quast looks back at the history of HFT and how the market has evolved to where many firms now fit the definition of high-frequency trader.

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State Street Set to Launch Quantextual Research Idea Lab

This new research management solution delivers accelerated insights and allows investors to review research consumption, optimize research spend.

We’re All HFTs Now

In this guest commentary, author Tim Quast looks back at the history of HFT and how the market has evolved to where many firms now fit the definition of high-frequency trader.

Are There Still Opportunities in Structured Credit Hedge Fund Strategies?

In this guest article, the author examines how the next credit cycle might again offer great distressed long-only beta trades at some point, but recommends investing in hedge funds that carry low market exposure right now.

1/5 of Sell Side infrastructure Optimized for Growth

In its latest case study, FIS reports that looming regulatory changes and the rapidly increasing need for new technology, sell-side firms are feeling the pressure on all sides and that only a fifth of broker-dealers say their existing technology infrastructure is fully optimized for growth.

Only 6% of Asset Managers Ready for MiFID II Best Ex Standards

With only a handful of months to go before the implementation of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, it looks like asset managers have a way to go to comply with its best execution mandate.

How to Find Alpha Needles in Unstructured Data Haystacks

In this guest commentary from Wall Street Horizon, the author examines how the buy-side can sift unstructured data to find new trading opportunities.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: How Secure is the Buy-Side?

Cybercrime – it’s a $3 trillion industry now and affects everyone from Joe Q Public to the government to even the hallowed firms that populate Wall Street. But is the buy-side adequately prepared?

Buy Side Delves into Mobile Data

As hedge funds and quantitative asset managers hunt for unique sources of alpha, Wall Street’s attention is turning to analysis of location data generated by mobile phones.

Mutual Funds Look to DLT

Blockchain is moving beyond proof of concept into real-use cases. 

YCharts Launches YData Proprietary Data Feeds for Quants & Investment Managers

The first data feed available in YData is “Corporate Events,” a database of traditionally difficult-to-find forward-looking events from publicly traded companies.

Trading Firm DRW to Buy High-Frequency Firm RGM

Electronic-trading firm DRW Holdings agreed last week to purchase high-frequency trading firm RGM Advisors LLC.

Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life Merger Completed

The acquisition of Aberdeen by Standard Life has been completed.

Thasos Group Launches Streams Real-Time Location Information Feed

Thasos Group, an alternative data intelligence firm that transforms location information from mobile phones worldwide into real-time, objective and actionable insights, today announced the launch of its real-time data series product, Streams.

TRADING THE WEEK: Investors Seek New Peaks

Market strategist and commentators keep warning investors that the markets are overvalued and overbought, but few investors are heading for the exits.

Cultivating Buy-Side Relations Most Important: Sell-Side

The market color, expertise and support sales coverage supplies to the buy-side client is key to a firm’s success, according to one executive. Sales’ ability to cultivate existing relationships and forge new ones is as important, he told Traders Magazine, as connecting pipes or fiber optics.