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QUICK TAKE: Are Cryptocurrencies A Safe Haven if Global Economy Slows?

Can crypto be a safe haven despite the recent Bitcoin sell off?

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The Future of Portfolio-Manager Workflow

It’s about assembling applications into one module-based experience.

Buy-Side Dips Toes in Alt Data

There's value there, but institutions will wait for a path.

Investment Outlook 2019: Regime Change

BNP Paribas Asset Management shares with Traders Magazine its 2019 Outlook for the financial markets.

MiFID II Increases Trading Costs

Trading costs and post-trade price improvement are highest on lit venues.

Empowering the Buy-Side Trader

Buy-side traders work best when they have the right tools.

WBR ELS: Order Routing to Remain SEC Focus in 2019

Regulator wants to remain focused on order handling and transparency in the coming year.

WBR ELS: Buy-side Wants More Out of TCA

TCA needs to evolve to remain a relevant and reliable tool.

WBR ELS: Transparency is the Name of the Game

Give us transparency or give us death. Well, not quite. Despite higher data-related costs, traders want more insight into the markets.

WBR ELS: The Resurgence of the Block Trade

Technology and new order types have boosted block trading.

WBR ELS: Buyside Keynote – T Rowe’s Williams Talks SEC and MiFID II

The buy-side has many things on its collective mind and one trading head at a major asset manager isn’t afraid to speak them.

WBR ELS: Bringing Crypto into the Mass Market

David Weisberger, founder of CoinRoutes, wants to bringing cryptocurrency trading and investing out of the retail realm and into the institutional market.

Dominos of Institutional Capital in the Crypto Market

In this shared blog from the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange, the bourse examines how the nascent asset class is gaining acceptance and with favorbale future regulation could see an influx of buyside capital.

IHS Markit Expands thinkFolio with Managed FIX Network Solution

The new offering enhances the managed service version of thinkFolio, the order management (OMS) and portfolio modeling (PMS) solution from IHS Markit.

Sell-Side Desires Variety in its Surveillance Offerings

The sell-side wants change in the options currently open to them when it comes to trade surveillance.

MiFID II Best Execution Reports Unused

Two-thirds of firms do not systematically monitor trades on 'best ex' criteria.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: Pacific Northwest Security Traders Association

In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY, Traders Magazine looks back to 2010 and the Pacific Northwest Security Traders Association's annual conference.

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