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The Periodic Table

Fidessa's Steve Grob has written a response to Marcus Ferber writing to ESMA condemning periodic auctions. The blog strongly criticizes Ferber's approach, and looks at the problems behind the "lit is good and dark is bad" attitude.

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Investors Pull Cash from ETFs in March

Investors were keenly aware that exposure to exchange-traded funds might hurt them amid increased volatility and pulled cash out of them last month. The heightened volatility during the first quarter marked the worst quarterly return for global equities since Q3 2015, according to SSGA.

CDCC Launches Direct Clearing for Canadian Buy Side Firms

This new direct-clearing model was developed in close consultation with a broad group of stakeholders from across Canada's investment industry, including clearing members, public pension funds and securities regulators.

Data Engineering is a Game-Changer for Quantamental Investing

In this exclusive article to Traders Magazine, Cody Robertson delves into data engineering and how traders can optimize the power of data for greater returns.

Should You Only Hold Stocks in a Portfolio?

In this shared white paper, Ampersand makes the case and illustrates the riskiness of stocks; a value that escalates when volatility increases. Furthermore, they write that while most investors believe that a 60/40 stock/bond portfolio is well diversified, they are mistaken.

Rising Short-Term Rates Should Help Some Hedge Fund Strategy Returns

Who said rising interest rates were not good for Wall Street? According to one pundit, rising short-term rates might boost certain hedge fund strategies.

NYSE Announces B & C Tape Fees

In a recently posted Trader Update, the New York Stock Exchange announced trading fees for Tape B and C securities.

ON THE MOVE: Vanguard Aligns Fixed Income Group, Jones and Instinet Hire Pros

The weekly recaps of hires, job moves and promotions around the Wall Street trading community.

Liquidity or Leakage: Crypto's Plumbing Problems

Cryptocurrency liquidity plays by its own rules.

Buy Side Takes Heart in Access-Fee Pilot

Despite the pomp an circumstance surrounding the SEC access fee pilot, market pundits wonder aloud if the program will yield meaningful results.

Buy-Side Demands More TCA

In order to meet best ex requirements, the buy-side has renewed and increased its focus on trading analytics and compliance has turned TCA from an optional static feature to an essential dynamic component of buy-side equity trading desks.

TRADERS Q&A: Citi’s Gately Discusses Return of Vol and Trading These Days

In a recent visit, Tim Gately, Citi’s U.S. Head of Equities sat down with Traders Magazine’s editor John D’Antona Jr. to discuss the trading markets, what’s new at the bulge bracket bank and market structure issues.

Buy Side Eyes Fixed Income Fragmentation

Asset managers are looking to manage the increasing number of trading platforms, liquidity tools and order types in fixed income and this could involve more sharing of liquidity between venues.

Global Spend on Financial Market Data and News Tops $28B

The financial markets’ collective carnivorous appetite for all kinds of data – traditional, alt, whatever, has pushed spend up to register the strongest growth levels since 2011, according to a new report from Burton-Taylor.

QUICK TAKE: Liquidnet's Sussman Wants Bolder Access Fee Cap Pilot

In this QUICK TAKE piece written for Traders Magazine by Liquidnet's Adam Sussman, he argues that while the Access Fee Cap Pilot should yield some useful data, he would like the SEC to be a bit bolder in its experiment.

Neudata Launches Alt Data Research Platform

The new Neudata alt data use-case research tool combines voluminous data from academia and sell-side investors, as well as independent and Neudata’s proprietary research.