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14 Facts About Markets in 2019

Nicolas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek, shares hiss examination of the 14 facts prevalent to him in this year's financial markets.

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Order Routing Squabble

Money managers' interest in eliminating exchange rebates is meeting resistance from exchanges, brokers and regulators. At a recent industry conference, industry representatives balked at the idea of a pilot program that could drastically reduce rebates or replace maker-taker pricing altogether with a charge on both sides of a trade.

An Olympian Effort

Fort Lauderdale-based hedge fund Olympian Group is opening a new office away in the Big Apple, looking for yield and clients.


Women in trading have made their imprint on an industry that has not always been female-friendly. This issue features 15 award-winning women who have placed their mark of success upon the Street-and as a result, are being honored for their accomplishments.

Protecting Investor Choice

As regulators consider equity market structure, a few changes in tick size or taxation could spell trouble for investors.

Piece of the Action

Small options market MIAX trades ownership stake for order flow in deal with six big firms.

Social Sonar Reduces Twitter Noise for Traders

As traders grapple with how to use Twitter in their trading day, Eagle Alpha has debuted a social media application that collates the top tweets aimed at traders on the sellside and buyside.

Citadel's New OMS for Long-Onlys

Citadel Technology, the vendor arm of the big hedge fund, is building out an order management system for traditional long-only asset managers.

Pragma Targets Traditionals

Pragma, an algorithm vendor to broker-dealers and statistical arbitrage hedge funds, has begun to court traditional asset managers

Buyside Sees Fewer Rewards from Sellside: Study

As both institutional commissions and trading volumes have fallen, the relationship between the buyside and sellside has entered a new phase.

Quantitative Difference

How Head Trader Scott Wright's advanced trading technologies and management strategies are driving AXA Rosenberg's growth

The Buyside Takes Control

Long frustrated by the sellside and its order-handling practices, the buyside is set to open up its own alternative trading system-and asking brokers to do business there.

Mariner Bets on Stormy Seas

A new multi-strategy incubation fund is placing bets on predicted volatility and a tighter, less forgiving investment environment.

Cyborg Gets a New Name, Chief Exec

In a bid to target institutional traders, Canada's Cyborg Trading Systems has changed its name to Embium, installed a new chief executive officer and opened an office in New York.

Fidelity Integrating Units

National Fidelity, hoping for more clearing and custody business, is in the process of consolidating its platforms.

Cyber Crime: Who Pays?

Brokerages must prepare for increasing amounts of cyber crime attacks.