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Will The Bitcoin Bubble Pop Or Will It Envelop Us All?

Guest contributor Erik Hoel asks the question whether the worst is over for bitcoin holders, or still yet to come, what is yet to come? And why.

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In your opinion, what is the biggest hurdle facing the blockchain?

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Too many systems available


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Nobody else is using it


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ConvergEx Offers Real-Time TCA on Child Orders

ConvergEx Group has begun to offer clients detailed transaction-cost analysis in real time for every child order sent, not just the initial order.

Barclays Algo Adds Capital

Barclays now offers U.S. traders the ability to tap the broker's capital when executing an order via select algorithms.

OTC Changes Going Wrong?

The over-the-counter derivatives reforms of the Dodd-Frank law made sense, but regulatory implementation of the law is becoming "inconsistent, duplicative and at times contradictory," an industry official recently complained.

OTC Credit Lines Not Covered?

Using a clearinghouse to process over-the-counter derivatives transactions can pose credit risks that won't become apparent until after a trade.

Going to T+1 Possibly on the Horizon

Industry utility the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp., announcing the results of a recent poll, said the clearing industry will be ready for a T+2 cycle by 2016 and T+1 by 2020.

Clearing Standards Lag Trading Standards

After years of technology breakthroughs, it is now taking just milliseconds to trade, but improvements in settling a trade have not kept up. Given the potential of another financial crisis, that could pose settlement and operational risks.

Protect Yourself, Clearing Broker Tells Clients

Look out, small broker-dealers without the huge resources of an institutional broker that has large legal and compliance staffs. Often you don't know or understand the dangers your firm is facing.

Survival of the Smartest

Time to pull the plug on the back office? The deathwatch and the questions never stop in the clearing industry. The costs of the business, which have been consistently rising at a time of increased regulation and declining margins, are forcing most clearing firms to think seriously about long-term strategy.

Guide to Correspondent Clearing Firms

A guide to correspondent clearing firms as presented by Clearing Quarterly & Directory.

''We Can Do Better''

Clearing Quarterly & Directory recently caught up with Omgeo's Tony Freeman and spoke with him about what the clearing industry can do better. As director of industry relations, he focuses on working with the industry to improve settlement efficiency and reduce risk. His company works with investment managers, broker-dealers and custodian banks.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Above the Law - What Exchanges and Kings Have in Common

For the most part, it's always been good to be a King. The same can be said of being a public stock exchange -life's been good. But should it be?

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