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Does the Tick Size Affect Stock Prices?

The Securities and Exchange Commission has recently released a whitepaper examining the change in tick sizes on trading based on data it collected during the Tick Size Pilot.

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Would the creation of a single central regulator in Canada affect your inter-listed trading strategies?

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Buybacks on the Rise

Liquidity hungry buyside traders are finding new sources of liquidity amid increase in corporate America activity.


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The Great Liquidity Search

Despite slow development, aggregation technology is now making greater strides toward helping investors achieve best execution.

Wrap Powerhouse

With $66 billion in assets, Morgan Stanley's managed account desk ranks largest, making it an influential player on the Street and in the wrap trading business.

New Addition

Responding to the success of some options exchanges in offering a maker-taker pricing model, the International Securities Exchange launched ISE Gemini in early August.

REDI or Not

A new consortium-owned EMS vendor, employing a broker-neutral business model, emerges from Goldman Sachs.

Post-Trade Confirmation via FIX

The buyside and sellside can now confirm their equity trades via the FIX protocol.

Citadel, NYSE Provide Realtime 'Grey Sheets' Data

NYSE Technologies and market maker Citadel Securities are offering real-time grey sheets quote data.

Kissell Offers Algo Performance Data

Kissell Research Group now offers a measurement tool, dubbed Algorithmic Decision Selection Tree, which provides real-time data showing the performance of a broker's algorithms.

BEST Algo Forward

Cowen and Company is making tools available to its buyside customers that it believes will help them when deciding which trading algorithm to use.

Peak6 Sells its NYSE Floor Brokerage and More

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Retail Wranglers

Cambiar Investors' Rod Hostetler and Christian Hiles Tussle with Retail Accounts.

Closing Time

Increasingly, traders are waiting until the final 15 minutes of the day to trade. Liquidity is more plentiful. Spreads are tighter. Volatility is lower compared with the open. Thus, trading is cheaper and liquidity at its highest.

A Program Trader's Rise

Traders Magazine profiles the story of Jeff Radtke and his rise from Morgan Stanley techie grunt to Barclays Capital's global head of program trading.

Gaining Sway

More buysiders are using trade-cost analysis, a tool borrowed from the equity world, to improve their FX trading and get better returns for their investors.