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Ethical FX via the Global Code

With the release of the FX Global Code for the wholesale foreign exchange market last month, the FX industry is counting on a single set of guidelines to prevent bad behavior in currency trading.

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Long Term Investors Embrace FX Algos to Optimize Performance

– New research from Greenwich Associates shows that long-term investors corporate end-users are turning to algorithms in FX trading.

TRADING THE WEEK: A Tale of Two Markets

– Stocks keep moving higher - but just how much higher is uncertain? And what about the Fed and President Trump - could they both hurt stock prices and the market? Is the market a tale of two stories?

Shining a Light on Market Data Costs

– IEX's John Ramsey discusses that there is remarkably little light in the form of data about rising data costs. Throwing more light on this issue, he contends, is one good way to make progress on resolving it.

Sapient Creates Cloud-based Regulatory Compliance Solutions Via Azure

– Sapient Global Markets, a global provider of business technology and consulting services for the financial and commodity markets, announced it will deliver highly scalable, reliable and secure business services powered by a financial trade data hub using Microsoft Azure.

TORA Partners with LSE's UnaVista for MiFID II Transaction Reporting

– TORA, a provider of advanced cloud-based order and execution management system (OEMS), announced that it has joined the London Stock Exchange Group’s UnaVista Partner Programme to help clients meet the transaction reporting requirements of MiFID II.

Big Data U.S. Fixed Income: Who’s Your Daddy?

– This is a reprint of the Susan Estes keynote address from the recent Big Data Conference held at NYU on May 19.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Reg NMS Debate Goes On and On

– The time year was 2005 and the SEC had just passed the new Regulation National Market System (Reg NMS) proviso, setting the stage for a brave new world in the equities trading markets. But, like today, the controversial set of rules and procedures, was up for debate as to whether it would either help or hurt traders and investors.

OTC Markets Says CAT Fees Are Catastrophic

– What an abuse of power. That’s the reaction of OTC Markets to the proposed fee schedule put forth by the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) Plan Operating Committee in recently submitted comment letter to the Securities and Exchange (SEC), OTC voiced its opposition to schedule.

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