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Are We Headed for an Index Bubble?

In a blog shared with Traders Magazine, Jared Dillian, former ETF Head Trader for Lehman Brothers, wrote that while assets have been fleeing actively managed ETFs and funds and into passively managed ones, is concerned the Index sector could be heading towards a bubble.

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Joyce’s Arxis Capital Shutting Down, Sources Report

– Electronic market making firm Arxis Capital, run by g=former Knight CEO Tom Joyce, is reportedly shutting down ts operations.

Agecroft Partners Pledges $1 Million from Hedge Fund Leadership Summits to Charities

– Agecroft Partners has pledged to donate $1 million from its Hedge Fund Leadership Summits to non-profit organizations that benefit children.

Avelacom Launches New PoP AT TOKYO Data Center

– Avelacom has launched a new point of presence (PoP) at AT TOKYO data center facilities with the aim to improve low latency offerings for key financial markets in London and Tokyo.

TRADING THE WEEK: Volatility Returns

– In a nutshell, the equity trading markets saw a rise in volatility last week as measured by the VIX index, courtesy of President Donald Trump’s campaign’s potential involvement with Russia during the 2016 Presidential election. But as traders said, whatever the cause, the impetus to trade was a welcome break.

DTCC Reports Cloud Computing Has Reached Maturity

– A new white paper from The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation and shared with Traders Magazine suggests that cloud computing has reached a tipping point, with capabilities and cost efficiencies exceeding those achieved via in-house data centers.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Exchange Fatigue

– After Reg NMS was born and gave birth to dozens of public and private stocks exchange, derivatives were still traded among a handful of venues. But then in the shadows of the 2007 financial crisis, new exchanges looking to grab options market share sprang up. Let’s take a look at the birth of fragmentation – in the options market – which is still going strong today.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Day Trading: Will They or Won't They?

– The year was 1999 and focus was on the “Millennium Bug” and how at the stroke of midnight the civilized world could come to a screeching halt all because computing at the time failed to include years after 1999. Against this backdrop, was not only the birth and rise of the programmer but of a new type of trader – the day trader. Was it possible to get Mom and Pop to trade stocks just like the major brokers and investors and at what cost?

Banks Diverge in Chase for Profits in Global FX Trading

– Market consultancy Greenwich Associates announces the 2017 share and quality leaders in global foreign exchange.

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