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The Emperors New Clothes, Part 2

The first part of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” pointed out the fallacies of IEX’s core claims of being “Fair” and “Transparent”. In part 2, author David Weisberger looks to explain several serious issues with IEX’s recent paper they published to demonstrate the execution quality of their exchange.

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CEO CHAT: TORA’s Dykes Talks About TCO and Future Plans

– In a conversation with Traders Magazine, TORA’s Robert Dykes discusses his strategy for building his business here and how his firm lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) for his order and execution management system (EMS) technology.

Active Allocator Allocation Portal Constructs Bespoke Portfolios in Under Ten Minutes

– Active Allocator Holdings, an asset allocation optimization and portfolio construction portal for financial and investment advisors, announced the launch of automatic client account and holdings aggregation using Morningstar ByAllAccounts.

Winning the Research Battle

– As investors pay more attention to the cost of research, ultimately deciding its market worth, Street Contxt says firms will need to become more data-driven in their approach to content distribution. This data will not only inform pricing, but will ultimately be essential to generating future returns.

Demystifying Direct Electronic Access

– Vela's Ollie Cadman, Head of Product & Strategy EMEA, writes that the concept of DEA, whereby a market participant directly accesses a trading venue by using the trading code of a member firm, is simple enough, there is still confusion over which market access models should be subject to DEA requirements.

S3 Introduces Contra Reporting for Fixed Income Securities

– The new contra reporting capabilities provide customers with greater insight into the trading activity of their counterparties, which is especially beneficial when grading counterparties on their executions immediately before and after the executions of a given client.

ALGO UPDATE: SURGE CAPTURE Snags Block Liquidity in Wake of Large Trades

– Liquidnet's Source Capture algorithm looks to source block liquidity in the time immediately following a large trade.

C rex Announces Microsecond Timestamp Trade Confirmation

– The C rex Group, an institutional foreign exchange execution services and data analytics company, announced the roll-out of microsecond timestamp confirmations for their clients’ trading activity.

Broadridge Launches Trade Reporting Solution for SFTR Regulatory Change

– SFTR requires EU counterparts engaging in securities finance transactions to report trade data to a registered Trade Repository. To support the new rules, Broadridge will deliver a transaction reporting solution that spans the entire reporting lifecycle.

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