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The Four Players Creating the Next Era of Fintech

Ralph Achkar at Colt Technology Services shares his thoughts about how multiple stakeholders play distinct, vital roles in shaping the future of fintech; and, how ultimately, their working together should yield the most fruitful solutions.

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Top 5 Critical Considerations for Developing Regulatory Operations Model

– Broadridge shares the top 5 insights it gleaned from a RegTech event focused on helping firms navigate the evolving and complex regulatory landscape. The panel featured buy-side expertise around Regulatory Reporting, Data Governance, and the Lifecycle of Investment Operations.

Instinet Launches RQ to Creates a Hub for MiFID II Research Payments

– Instinet announced the launch of RQ Connect (Research Quality Connect), a provider-neutral application within its research payment and commission management platform, Plazma.

Metamako Adds MayStreet's Analytics to Boost Compliance, Risk Management Offering

– Metamako, a specialist provider of FPGA-enabled high-performance networking platforms, announced that MayStreet, provider of market access and data analytics technology, has joined Metamako’s network ecosystem.


– Do you remember when trading cost $39 per one hundred million to fund the Securities and Exchange Commission? Take a look back in 2004 at the first so-called tax cut for traders designed to boost not only trading volumes but a regulator’s budget.

Kalahari Launches FX Futures/OTC Comparison Pricing Service

– Kalahari announced the launch of its new FX Futures and Rates service, offering traders a significantly low cost opportunity to access observable exchange prices and benefit from real-time Futures versus OTC market arbitrage opportunities.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: Chicago 74th Annual Mid-Winter Meeting

– The year was 2000 and we all survived the Millennium Bug, the State of Vermont passes HB847, legalizing Civil Unions for same-sex couples and a postage stamp cost.33 cents. Check out the scenes from the 74th annual Chicago STA Mid Winter Conference.

John “Golden Voice” Berrie Passes Away at 78

– John Berrie Sr, nicknamed the “Golden Voice” of Wall Street and longtime ambassador of the trading industry has passed away. He was 78.

Convergex's CEO Noll to Leave Firm

– The chief executive officer of Convergex, Eric Noll, is leaving the firm at the end of the month.

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