David Weisberger

Is Rule 606 Broken?

Is Rule 606 hopelessly outdated and broken? RegOne's Weisberger examines the regulation and whether or not it is outdated and fails to require disclosure of the vast majority of all routing.

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Will accused high-frequency trader Navinder Sarao be extradited to the U.S. to face charges related to the May 2010 Flash Crash.


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Hedge Funds Bet Big In StreetWise Partners' Poker Tournament

– Traders from more than 300 hedge funds, private equity firms and VIPs gathered to raise more than $275K at the Raising the Ante Poker Tournament and Casino Event.

Some of the Flash Crash Story Just Makes No Sense: Michael Lewis

– How can a guy working from his parents’ house in suburban England whose only actionable orders were to BUY stock market futures cause such a sensational collapse in U.S. stocks?

Post Flash Crash, Regulators Still Use Bicycles To Catch Ferraris

– Blaming the Flash Crash on a UK man who lives with his parents is like blaming lightening for starting a fire.

A Looter, Yes. But the Cause of the Flash Crash...Noooo

– RegOne's David Weisberger weighs in on the recent Navinder Sarao flash crash accusations and concludes the high-frequency trader was many things. But not the cause of the flash crash.

Nasdaq Sets Aside $31 Million to Cover Costs From Facebook IPO

– Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. set aside $31 million to settle litigation stemming from the botched listing of Facebook Inc. in 2012.

‘I’m on My Knees’: Deutsche Traders Begged for Help Rigging Rate

– Deutsche Bank AG’s manipulation of Libor spanned eight years in offices around the world, involving at least 29 employees who rigged the price of money for millions of borrowers in an effort to make a quick profit.

Flash Crash Arrest Lays Bare Regulatory Lapses at All Levels

– CME Group Inc. concluded within four days of the 2010 flash crash that algorithmic trading on futures exchanges didn’t exacerbate losses in the market.

Flash Crash Trader May Fly to U.S. Sooner Than He Thinks

– It probably won’t be long before a British man accused of helping cause the 2010 flash crash is delivered to U.S. prosecutors, according to legal experts. The task then turns to proving the Americans’ case against him.

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The FX Disruptors: Why Russell Investments Built a Buyside FX Platform

After the foreign exchange rate manipulation scandal, Russell Investments envisions buyside firms banding together to trade FX among themselves. Michael DuCharme and Joe Hoffman are leading the charge.

Tales from the Dark Side Part 2: A-B-C or Always Be Crossing

Let’s review dark pools’ baseline functionality and examine the good and bad of anti-gaming filters. Then we’ll discuss simple guidelines that help refine your dark routing choices.

ALGO UPDATE: Algo Teaches Old Traders New Tricks

Euclidean Trading is delivering a trading formula for dollar interest rates in the hope that human options traders will go electronic.

SEC Delays Tick Size Pilot Until May 6

The Securities and Exchange Commission has decided to delay the implementation of its new tick size pilot program until May 6.

The Grand Bargain, or Grand Theft Auto?

With ICE's Grand Bargain proposal, it’s hard not to see the benefit to the legacy exchanges.

STANY President Lugay Looks at Challenges Ahead

Traders speaks Chuck Lugay about his take on the market, what new regulations might look like, and what keeps traders and brokers up at night.

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