Don Bollerman

A NYSE Speed Bump You Weren’t Aware Of

Don Bollerman, IEX co-founder and head of markets & sales, reveals that so-called "speed bumps" exist inside other prominent stock markets and how certain venues have their own methodology for throttling order flow.

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ALGO UPDATE: BofA Merrill Unveils New Algos, Option Data Feeds for Options on Instinct

– Buy- and sellside traders who execute options orders on Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Trader Instinct trading system are getting a slew of improvements and new tools.

How the Sellside is Trying to Preserve Profitability in Tough Times

– It’s no secret that times are tough on Wall Street equity trading desks – commissions are flat to lower when compared to their heyday – and the trading desk is trying to leverage technology to boost its bottom line. And that includes upgrading the sales traders too

CFTC Too Broke to Properly Police Flash Traders, Massad Says

– The top U.S. derivatives regulator said his agency needs more money to keep up with the Flash Boys.

Exchanges Object to Brokers Gaining More Stock-Market Oversight

– The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Market and several other exchange operators asked lawmakers not to give brokers and investors greater influence over important aspects of the U.S. stock market.

CFTC Says Alleged Spoofer’s Trading Leads to New Complaints

– Commodities regulators suing alleged spoofer Igor Oystacher said some of his trading activity this month has generated new complaints about market manipulation.

Scenes from the Mid-Atlantic STA Winter Conference

– The Mid-Atlantic Security Traders Association held its 81st Annual Mid-Winter Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore. Traders brings you the pictures from Charm City.

Woman-Owned CAPIS Goes After Plan Sponsor Business

– Capital Institutional Services is now a full-fledged and certified woman-owned brokerage. And as such, has set its sights on the institutional buyside that has a mandate to trade with brokers run by women.

ICAP Revenue Declines as CEO Spencer Bets on Speed Traders

– The chief executive officer of ICAP Plc, which reported a 7 percent drop in revenue from electronic markets, says high-frequency trading firms such as Citadel LLC and Virtu Financial Inc. will help to make up for reduced trading from banks.

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Bitcoin, Algos and Dark Pool Fines: The Traders 2016 Outlook

Our editors look at the news stories and trends from last year that will have the biggest impact in the coming 12 months. It was a year of eye-popping fines, slipping trading volumes, and new technologies for Bitcoin and more. 2016 will be quite a year.

Buyside Profile: A Radical Fixed-Income Method

Bond trader Zachary Chavis of Sage Advisory is trading more with fellow buyside traders than with the traditional broker-dealer counterparties. The reason: deeper liquidity and tighter control.

Blockchain Adoption Seen As Early as Q2 2016, Tabb Reports

Like a runaway freight train, blockchain technology is coming to the financial markets, including equities, as soon as early next year.

Three Firms Remain in Running to Build U.S. Consolidated Audit Trail

The U.S. equity markets self-regulatory organizations have created a short list of three finalist firms who will build the much anticipated stock market consolidated audit trail.

A Celebration of Excellence: How Women Have Changed Wall Street

The fifth annual Traders awards celebrate the achievements of women in the US capital markets and the stellar work they do as mentors & leaders. Registration Statement Covering Digital Securities Declared Effective

In an exclusive interview with Traders, chief executive officer Patrick Byrne told Traders that the Securities and Exchange Commission has declared Overstock’s registration statement covering the issuance of digital securities effective.

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