Craig Viani

Lights Out In The Dark: Goodnight Vortex

ConvergEx announced last week that it was euthanizing one of its two dark pools, VortEx. Guest commentator, Craig Viani, one of the dark pool's co-founders, muses about the passing of the ATS.

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Dark Pools’ Governance Rules Also Dark, Says Nasdaq CEO Greifeld

– Nasdaq Chief Executive Officer Bob Greifeld says governance of dark pools is still too murky. But why?

ETF Firms Tackle Wall Street on Ways to Prevent Another Aug. 24

– The world’s largest issuers of exchange- traded funds are holding talks with stock exchanges and market- makers to avoid a repeat of the issues that plagued ETFs during Aug. 24’s market turmoil, according to five people with direct knowledge of the matter.

Are the Buyside's FX Orders Hamstrung by New Regulations?

– Is regulatory scrutiny preventing best execution in the foreign exchange markets? Is the buyside getting the most from its high-touch sales trader coverage?

Goldman, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley Join with SmartStream for New Data Utility

– In a bid to standardize reference data and save costs, three bulge brokers are joining together along with a fintech company SmartStream are forming a new system to help traders.

The Buyside Ranks the Brokers in Latest Woodbine Survey

– The buyside has spoken - and voted - about how it views its broker-dealer high- and low-touch coverage. Not all brokers are created equal and Traders knows who's the creme de la creme and who needs to enroll in BROKING 101. See the winner's list here...

Triad Simplifies Sector Trader Tools, Adds Upcoming IPOs and Secondaries

– Triad Securities, whose current "New Issue Service" has been recently upgraded to benefit sector traders. See how traders can locate alpha-generating trades faster right here.

Traders On The Move: Meet the New Hires and Promotions for September 2015

– Who are the new faces and job title inside BlackRock, Bank of New York Mellon, Citi and the SEC? Traders presents an On The Move gallery for the month of September 2015

Does the Market Act In its Own Self Interest or the Public's?

– In today's guest commentary, David Weisberger looks back at the trading events of Aug.24 and wonders if this tough trading day was really as bad as the market crash of 1987 and does the market act its own self interest or the public's.

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How Secure Is the Buyside?

It was a ploy as brazen as it was ingenious. A team of rogue traders from the U.S. teamed up with clever hackers and traders in Ukraine to break into the servers of major media firms. See how this latest cyber attack could spell trouble for the buyside.

How Will T+2 Settlement Change the Landscape of European Central Securities Depositories?

The European Union reached its latest milestone in creating a single capital market union when four European central securities depositories (CSDs) went live on the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) settlement engine in late June. See what the effects are right here.

ALGO UPDATE: Liquidnet and IEX Create Dark Strategy

Liquidnet, the equity block trading pool, and IEX, the buyside- sponsored ATS that wants to help the buyside avoid predatory traders and find the elusive block trade, have joined together to create a new algorithm that will help the buyside find liquidity.

How ETFs and Other Factors Are Setting Equity Prices in the Marketplace

For the first time in history, dollar volume in ETF trading has topped US GDP. Guest commentator Tim Quast examines the explosion in ETFs and how they and other aspects of market evolution are changing what sets stock prices.

Traders Meet Brokers At The Carolina Security Traders Association Summer 2015

Brokers, traders and members of financial services firms gathered in North Carolina to swap stories, network and celebrate the U.S. capital markets. Traders presents Part Two of our CSTA slideshow.

TRADERS ON THE MOVE: ITG Gets New CEO, Triad Hires Sales Pro, DB Shuffes Equity Pros

In today's Traders On the Move, aside from ITG getting a new chief executive, Deutsche Bank shuffled its top equities execs in its trading group and a former UBS head joined Deutsche Borse. Triad hired a new sales head and see which senior trading head left BlackRock.

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