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We're All HFTs Now

In this guest commentary, author Tim Quast looks back at the history of HFT and how the market has evolved to where many firms now fit the definition of high-frequency trader.

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Cryptocurrencies’ Wall of Worry; China Says "No" to ICO

– In this guest blog, Celent's Joh Dwyer said to not underestimate the groundswell of institutional support for infrastructure which permits institutional capital to move into the cryptocurrency complex.

FX Trading Pushes BSO to Enhance London to Tokyo Route

– The upgrade will affect the London-Tokyo part of BSO’s established FX triangle, providing traders with the lowest latency on the market.

Smartkarma Partners with ULLINK on Research Platform via the NYFIX Portal

– Targeting the growing need for transparent pricing and unconflicted research for the buy-side, the partnership gives NYFIX buy-side members access to quality, independent research on Asian markets.

ALGO UPDATE: Brokers Rewarded for Algo Performance

– Agency brokerage and technology company ITG has rolled out an approach where various broker dealer algorithms are evaluated, normalized and eventually rewarded for their performance.

The IEX Auction: Pursuing Better Price Discovery

– In this contributed article, IEX takes a deep dive into the three principles behind the design of its auction process and highlight several key points of differentiation.

ICE’s Jeffrey Sprecher Named Most Influential Market and Exchange Person

– This new index lists the 1000 most influential professionals in order of significance as measured by a series of algorithms and encompasses some 145 jurisdictions and over 500 different companies and organizations.

DTCC White Paper Helps Banks to Reduce Risk Capital Charges Related to FRTB

– More than 10 billion OTC derivative transactions analyzed in DTCC’s ‘‘Real Price Data Study” to form credible observations and recommendations.

CDCC Introduces Direct Clearing for Canadian Buy Side Firms

– CDCC's new direct-clearing model seeks to extend the range of significant benefits associated with CCP clearing, including capital, margin and collateral efficiencies to a new membership category called Limited Clearing Members (LCMs).

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